Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It has been too long! Another Makeup Haul

Hey everyone

I know it has been so long! I am sorry, but I just got a new computer so that should make things easier.
I was planning on using my camera to take the pictures, but of course I have misplaced it somewhere, so I will have to make do with my phone, sorry in advance for the quality!

So I celebrated my 21st birthday last month, and I wanted to look spectacular so I bought a whole bunch of new makeup and skincare that I want to discuss. This post will be focusing on some of the makeup that I have purchased, I will also be doing a few more for the rest of my makeup and skincare soon.

So in this post I will be discussing my new foundations, concealer and highlighter!

L-R Estée Lauder Doublewear; Bourjois Healthy Mix; Maybelline Super Stay Concealer; Revlon Skinlights

So to start with is something that I am absolutely loving:Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup in shade 2N1 Desert Beige.

I bought this before my birthday at the Myer in Perth CBD. Back story, I have terrible skin so the idea of being makeup less inside a massive department store is almost torture to me. However, the Estée Lauder booth had their lovely beautician in and she was so sympathetic and quickly took off my makeup and swatched me to my closest colour (and it is very close!) and then even continued to finish off the entire look, adding blush and everything else. I had already gone in knowing that I would purchase this, I knew how much it cost ($50AUD for 30ml) and I had read so many positive reviews about this foundation, mainly I just went in to find my correct colour otherwise I would of purchased it online.

On to my actual review of this foundation. Its fantastic for what I wanted. I want a medium coverage foundation that can be built up on bad skin days, this does exactly that. I was also amazed at how little product I actually need to cover my face, its about half the amount I usually use when applying my regular foundation. I use my real techniques buffing brush to blend this in seamlessly, and it does a great job in a small amount of time and with little effort. It lasts a very long time, with little to no smudging, however it does last longer when applied after primer and set with a powder, I do this anyway so this is not a big thing for me. It is definitely not a 'light' feeling foundation, it can feel a little heavy but does end up looking caked on. I can oversee this however given the amazing amount of coverage it gives. It is oil free, fragrance free and non-acenegenic (I had to google this but it just means that it does not cause breakouts, which it hasn't for me!).I believe I will definitely be repurchasing this when I eventually run out (it could be a while though haha).

Swatch of Double wear (it does not look so mismatched on my face I swear)

Next up is Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 54 Beige

Living in Australia we are usually a little behind in the beauty department. I am behind in the trend by saying that I have only just gotten around to purchasing this, I was over my usual everyday foundation (Revlon Colorstay in the combination/oily skin formula) and Priceline had a sale for $24AUD RRP being $32. Again, I have read many great reviews of this foundation, but I am yet to actually try it myself (I want to wait for my Revlon foundation to run out). This shade may be a little dark for me, but they were out of the 53 Light Beige colour, and I am hoping to be a little bit more coloured this summer (the safe way in lots of SPF of course) so I am hoping that it will be more accurate for the upcoming months.

Swatch of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Maybelline Super Stay 24 HR Concealer in shade 20 Cream

I bought this when Priceline had a 50% off Maybelline sale a while back (I think I paid approximately $7-8), they had run out of the shade that I would of preferred, but I bought this shade thinking it would be great as an undereye concealer for brightening up my eye area. Typically it does do a good job, it creases after a few hours without powder to set it. It also does not do a lot for me on days where I have not had enough sleep or am feeling rather stressed out, so instead I use it over some cream concealer from a cheap palette I bought a while back. I probably would search for something with a higher coverage next time though.

Swatch of Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer

Revlon Photoready Skinlights in 100 Bare Light

I received this full sized product in a beauty box which was a lovely surprise! I probably would not have purchased this myself as I do think its quiet expensive for a highlighter, it retails for $29.95AUD. I still have not fully figured out how to incorporate this in my routine, I have tried using it as a highlighter on top of my foundation, but perhaps I am not using enough as it does not seem noticeable. I haven't used this in a while but I might try mixing a bit in with my foundation to create a subtle glow everywhere. It does look lovely when swatched though so I hope that I can figure out how to best wear this!

Swatch of Revlon Skinlights

Love Liz xx



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