Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: Models Prefer Essential Brow Kit

Hey Lovelies

I have had this brow kit for a while so I thought that I should share my thoughts on it with you. I purchased this during a 40% off cosmetics sale at Priceline  (haul here), this retails for $12.99AU but I purchased it for $7.79AU. 

This little kit is quite small so I think it would be great for travel, it feels sort of sturdy but then also like it could accidentally open and you could misplace the tweezers and brush. As mentioned, the kit does come with a super cute mini tweezers and brush which is great if you are using this on the go or for travelling. I would prefer to use my own brush and tweezers at home but this is definitely a great alternative if you have no other options. The kit contains a tinted wax on the left and a powder on the right. 

I picked up the kit in medium to dark however there is light to medium version as well. Obviously this is not going to suit everybody but I am fortunate that the medium to dark does a decent job of matching my brows.  The back of the kit states - 
All the tools you need for perfect eyebrows! Shape brows using the tweezers. Define them using the tinted wax and then fill the sparse areas with the powder.

I could be completely wrong here so please forgive me, but I prefer to fill in my brows with powder and then finish them off with wax as I find that the wax makes them stay in place, I would not want to mess with that by putting powder on top. At least that is the way that I prefer to do my brows, in no means am I an expert, I just go with what I find works best for me personally. 

Overall I do like this kit, I think it is really great for travelling. I probably prefer just using a pencil on my brows because they are quite full so I don't tend to do a lot to them. But it is nice to have this in my drawers for when I feel like doing something different.

Love Liz xx

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Haul

Hey Lovelies

It is a little late now but I wanted to share with you what I purchased from the recent Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale. 

I absolutely love when Priceline has their 50% off cosmetics sale. I pretty much keep a list of things that I want to try but am not willing to pay full price for so 40% off is a great time to pick up such things. I am trying to curb my spending currently so I feel like I was very restrained during this sale (the first one I went to I spent over $200, whoops haha).

I picked up two blushes in this sale even though I originally had told myself I would be purchasing no more blushes. My blushes no longer all fit in my blush compartment so my addiction is getting a little crazy. Unfortunately for me, the new Max Factor Creme Puff Blush had arrived in Priceline. I had really wanted Nude Mauve but of course that was completely sold out, so rather than purchase it later when it was no longer on sale I opted to pick up Lavish Maude. Lavish Maude is a lovely purple brown pink shade, crazy to describe but looks absolutely stunning in the pan. Despite the name these blushes are actually baked powder blushes and not a cream blush. They retail for $21.95AU but was on sale for $13.17AU. I also went past the Savvy display at Priceline and the blushes caught my eye. They were only $4.99AU regularly! I had to resist from picking them all up but I did grab one in the shade Nude. This was on sale for only $2.99AU. 

I told myself I would purchase no new eye shadows unless they were cream eye shadows, I actually managed to stick with this rule. I picked up another new release from Max Factor which was their Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow. These looked absolutely stunning and seemed like a slightly creamier version of the color tattoos by Maybelline. Shade 20 Copper went straight into my basket. These retail for $19.95AU but was on sale for $11.97AU. 

Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder really does this even need to be mentioned? I absolutely love this powder and continue to pick up extras when they are on sale. I will always have a back up on hand. Read more about this powder here. This retails for $11.95AU and was on sale for $7.17AU. A new one from Australis however was their Blemish Buster Primer, I am always up for a new primer that will help to keep my skin clear and calm. This retails for $16.95AU but was on sale for $10.17AU.

Lastly I picked up two new brushes from Models Prefer as they were included in the sale and I have a thing going for makeup brushes at the moment, the more the merrier. I wanted a new base brush as my RT buffing brush has seen better days, so I picked up the BB Brush which retails for $22.99AU but was on sale for $13.79AU. Along with the foundation brush I wanted a larger concealer brush for under my eyes, so I felt the Airbrush Concealer Brush was a good choice. That brush retails for $12.99AU but was on sale for $7.80AU.

Did you pick up anything in the Priceline sale?

Love Liz xx

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