Thursday, January 29, 2015

Priceline 40% off Skincare, Suncare & Tanning Haul

Hey Lovelies

A quick impromptu post today regarding my Priceline haul from yesterday. Priceline currently have 40% off Skincare, Suncare and Tanning items which ends today! It is online and instore however so if you don't have a chance to go in person get online. I am trying to be restrained with my purchases at the moment so I was good and only purchased three items, two back ups and one new item that was recommended by some lovely ladies. 

This was a recommendation from some ladies on an instagram beauty facebook group and I was told that this is great for acne. I sadly am still suffering from spots that turn into horrible scars. This is a natural treatment so I am hoping that it wont break me out! I am excited to try out this product and I will give you my thoughts on it once I have properly tested it. This retails for $26.99 AU for 30g but was on sale for $16.19 AU. 

I am just about to finish my first tub of this cream and so I jumped at the chance of purchasing this again whilst on sale. I really like this cream, it contains sacilyic acid which is great for my acne prone skin. It is also oil free and non-comedogenic so I find that it does not break me out which is rare for my skin. This retails for $19.99 AU for 50g which does last a couple months for me, but was on sale for $11.99 AU. 

I really really love this toner, this is my third bottle as I have just opened up my second bottle so this sale came at a perfect time to grab another one. This is a huge 250ml bottle so it does last a long time but I use it day and night religiously so it is necessary to have a back up but I have always managed to find it on sale. This retails for an inexpensive $14.99 AU but was on sale for $8.99 AU. 

Did you pick up anything in the sale?

Love Liz xx

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just a Little Bit of Liz Project Pan

Hey Guys

I know that Project Pan is an idea that has been around for quite a while and I have seen many posts regarding it. I have decided to try and participate in my own kind of project pan, mainly as this year is going to be quite money tight for me and so I wont have a lot of extra money to put towards my beauty spending habits. Ultimately I don't think I really need to purchase a tonne of makeup this year as I have a lot of current makeup that I need to use up. I think I have around ten open foundations which I think is crazy as two years ago I think I may have had one or two. 

I find it really hard to actually use up my beauty products, I have so many that I can use a different product every day and be fine for quite a while. I at least would like to try and use up some of my foundations and eye shadows, and then get better at using up things like blush which I have a million of and I don't think any of them are close to hitting pan! For my project pan I am not setting a limit on how many items I want to use up as I know that I would struggle to use up many products. 

As a result of my limited spending you will probably mainly see posts such as empties, reviews of things I already own and recently rediscovered type posts. I will try to be creative and think of some new kinds of posts to keep you guys interested. 

Have you ever been involved in project pan? 

Love Liz xx

Thursday, January 22, 2015

WOMF #01

Hey Lovelies

I thought today I would share with you a WOMF post, otherwise known as what is on my face. 

I used the Loreal Infallible Liquid Foundation which I have been enjoying using lately. It is a tad too dark for my current colour but I am able to work with it. I find that this is quite heavy coverage and does last all day on my oily skin. I also used the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer, I really love this concealer and if I didnt have about another 5 different kinds of concealer waiting to be opened I would definitely purchase a back up. It covers really well and does not crease. Next I applied my Topshop Powder Blush in Let Her Go with a big fluffy brush. This blush is very pigmented so I make sure to brush off any excess pigment on my brush and apply with a light touch. I set everything with my Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder in Soft Glow which I adore, it blurs my skin and makes everything look like it has an instagram filter on top!

I used my trusty Kmart OXX Eye Quad which cost a ridiculous $2. I really like this quad, I find that these are the perfect everyday colours and while they do not last all day and night they last long enough for an average day for me. I then used my Essence Bloom Me Up Duo Eye Pencil to line my waterline, unfortunately this was LE but any nude pencil will do in brightening the eye area. I then curled my lashes and applied my much loved Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara which makes my lashes darker and slightly longer without clumping and without any extreme spider lashes. I know a lot of people dislike this mascara as it doesn't do very much, but for my short stubby lashes this is perfect for a subtle everyday look. 

Keeping it simple I used my Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate which adds a light red sheen to my lips, this is also super moisturising and doesn't leave those dried up bits on my lips afterwards (how awful is that, happens all the time to my poor dry lips).

Love Liz xx

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holiday Haul

Hey Guys

I am back!! Did you miss me? I got home from my holiday a few days ago and have been recuperating and unpacking. I bought a lot of things, all we did for the week was shop, and it was lovely. And I wanted to quickly share with you some of the makeup purchases with you today. Sadly I haven't had a chance to try anything out yet but I am very much looking forward to it. 

A lipstick and oil blotting sheets from Daiso

An eyelash curler and mascara from Daiso

The Best of Sephora set and Make Up For Ever HD Foundation from Sephora

Lipstick, blush and mixed blush from Topshop

Have you guys been buying up much lately? I think it may be time for myself to go on a spending ban!

Love Liz xx

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