Sunday, February 22, 2015

First Impressions: BUB Scrubs Coffee Scrub*

Hey Guys

Today I wanted to share with you a first impressions with a product that I have only used once, BUB Scrubs Coffee Scrub*. Coffee scrubs are currently all the rage and I was yet to jump on the band wagon as I was happy using my normal body scrubs and I was also trying not to get sucked into buying anything thanks to my spending ban. But when I was given the opportunity to try out one of their vegan and animal cruelty free scrubs by the lovely Shauna I could not resist. 

I received the coconut coffee scrub which obviously smells like coconut and coffee which I really like, it is quite a strong smell and I know that some people are not a fan of either coffee and coconut but I love both of them and they work well together. BUB Scrubs do offer an alternative to the coconut however which is green apple, I think that this would be quite an interesting smell. 

The ingredients are:

Roasted & Ground Arabica Coffee Beans: will target cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema & acne.
Jojoba Beads, Brown Sugar & Sea Salt: will help smooth out any lumps and bumps you may have.
Grapeseed Oil & Coconut Oil: will moisturise & hydrate your delicate skin & tend to any imperfections.
Vitamins & Minerals: make you feel fresh & new.
Coconut Essence: will have you smelling & feeling great.

My main concerns before using this scrub were cellulite, stretch marks and acne. Obviously none of these will go away after just one scrub but I was hopeful that I would see some small result or at the least very soft smooth skin!

The directions on the back of the packet are:

Shower/Bathe your body as usual
Grab two small handfuls of Bub Coffee Scrub
Rub and scrub in a circular motion then let dry for 5-10 minutes
Rinse off the Bub Coffee Scrub leaving you to feel refreshed & clean 

Wow. I should have jumped on the bandwagon ages ago! My skin felt super soft after using this, I definitely think it was because of the oils contained in this scrub rather than the scrubbing action because I was actually quite careful to not scrub too much. Granted this is extremely messy to use and can make your bathroom look like you rolled around in dirt before showering it off, but the positives of using this scrub far outweighs the negative of a messy bathroom. I did also find it a little difficult to hang around for 5-10 minutes with the scrub left on my body but the longer you leave it the better you will feel afterwards. Be prepared for silky smooth skin that lasts well into the next day.

To purchase either of the scrubs you can email them at, there is a website ( however this is currently down. This scrub retails for $18.95 AU but can often be found on sale.  

*This product was provided for review, but my opinion is my own

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Hey Lovelies

I wanted to share with you today my thoughts on this Korres Lip Butter in the shade/flavour pomegranate. I purchased this while on my holiday at a discount beauty store for only $5 AUD. I have seen these on ASOS for around $15 AUD before so I was surprised to see them so cheap. I was unsure whether it was fake or old or something along those lines but I figured it was worth trying for just $5. And I am so glad that I did.

The packaging is a plastic pot with a screw on lid, not the most hygienic of products so I would never take mine out in my handbag because I would prefer to use it at home when I have clean hands and can wash my hands after using it. There seems to be a decent amount of product inside so I think that this will last me a while as long as it stays clean. 

I actually really love this lip butter. I find it is very mositurising and doesn't leave me with dried up patches later like a lot of other lip products do to me. It also leaves a nice pinky/red tint to my lips and also a bit of a glossy look. I do love this product but I am not sure if I would pay the full $15 for it!

Love Liz xx

Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Favourites

Hey Lovelies

It is that time of month again where I share with you my favourites. This month is all beauty related, surprise surprise! My skin has been really horrible lately so I cant say that I have been enjoying using any of my products. I also recently got a haircut so I am still experimenting with my hair and will probably need to purchase some new hair styling products as I never really felt the need to use anything with my old hair style. Onto my most loved things of the month!

I purchased this only in January and I have been absolutely loving it. I do have a blog post coming on it soon. But mainly it moisturises my lips whilst also adding a lovely my lips but better colour. I purchased mine at a discount beauty store but I know that you can get this on ASOS for $15.50 AU (currently on sale). 

I absolutely love this powder, it has now become my daily setting powder and has completely smashed my Rimmel Stay Matte and Nude By Nature Finishing Veil out of the competition. This adds a lovely blurred photoshop finish to my makeup. I own two out of the three shades but soft focus is definitely my favourite of the two. These retail for $16.99 AU at Priceline. 

Sadly I do not have a lot of information on this product as it is not listed on any websites and doesn't even have a shade name! I purchased this from Kmart for $2 AU and I believe it is Kmart's own beauty range called, OXX, in which everything is $2. I was not expecting a lot from this $2 quad but all of the shades are very pigmented and quite a soft blendable texture. The packaging is nothing special but perfect for travel. 

I purchased this blush for $10 AU in I believe Topshop's end of year clearance sale. I really love this blush, I have two shades, this one is Do It Again which is quite a wearable shimmery peachy pink. This is quite pigmented so I make sure to use a fluffy brush and dust off any excess. 

I purchased this mascara on a whim whilst in Daiso in Melbourne. I was so amazed by the entire store so I kind of got swept up and purchased a lot of stuff. I have been using this mascara almost every day since I got it. It is my perfect every day mascara, no clumping whatsoever and adds subtle length to my stubby lashes. I am not sure about their claim of high curling however, I just find this adds length but does nothing whatsoever about curling my lashes. Being from Daiso this was $2.80 AU. 

What have you been loving this month?

Love Liz xx

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