Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer

Hey Guys!

 I have been non stop purchasing and will be hoping to do a lot of reviews for you guys. I have been mainly doing reviews lately as I have been coming up a bit blank on new material. If you have any suggestions please comment down below and let me know what you would like to see on Just a Little Bit of Liz. 

On to today's review, Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. I purchased this Concealer in shade 030 Classic Beige a while ago from a Chemist Warehouse sale which had it for 50% off all Rimmel products. I have found that this is the perfect shade for my under eye area, it would be terrible for use anywhere else (unless as a highlighter) as it is just a tad light for my skin colour. This concealer claims to give an anti-fatigue effect & radiant glow, I think that this is fairly accurate as I always look ten times more awake when I wear this concealer. I suffer from terrible genetic (thanks dad) undereye dark circles and this gives fairly high coverage and manages to brighten up my eyes and make me look wide awake even when I am feeling dead. The packaging states that this concealer will cover spots and other blemishes however I have not tried the concealer for this purpose as it simply isn't the correct shade for that. 

The packaging is fairly standard, contains a wand with a doe foot applicator that I use to dot on and then blend with a brush or my finger. I do like that the packaging is clear and so you can see how much product is left, I hate running out of a product without realising it because you cant see through the packaging.

 I have had some issues previously with this concealer, when I had not set the concealer with a powder I did find that it creased. However if I remember to set the concealer with powder then I do not have any creasing issues. Ultimately I think that this is a really good concealer and well worth purchasing if you suffer from dark undereye circles like myself. This 7ml concealer retails for $14.95 and comes in three different shades.

Love Liz xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder

Hey Guys

I am a bit behind the times, I only just got my hands on the Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder. I know I know, I am very behind on the times with this but I try to use up all the other powders I own before I allowed myself to purchase this. I am so happy that I finally own this and a little bit disappointed I didnt try it out earlier! This powder is fantastic! 

I picked up shade Natural which seems like a decent match for my winter pale skin. This powder goes on flawlessly, extremely smooth on my skin and just glides over. It is absolutely amazing. Typically powder can make my skin feel quite cakey or dry but not this powder. My skin looks amazing when I use this powder. I still have to touch up every so often (depending on the primer and foundation) but I definitely think that this helps rather than hinders. The website also claims that this powder helps to treat existing breakouts and stop further breakouts. I have not really noticed whether this is accurate at all but it is a nice addition to the powder. I definitely have not experienced any breakouts as a result of using this powder. 

Really the only thing that I can complain about is the bulkiness of the packaging. It is housed in quite a large black plastic container, with the powder in the top section and underneath is a mirror and compartment with a sponge. Ultimately I could do without the clear packaging on top and have the mirror there and no room for a sponge as I prefer to use a brush, even for touchups. But hey the powder is so fantastic that this is a non issue!

This powder retails for a measly $11.40 AU but I purchased mine for $4 off on sale at Kmart. I would highly recommend purchasing this powder and will be buying back ups for myself!

Love Liz xx

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Revlon Highlighting Palette

Hey Guys!

A few weeks ago Priceline had a 50% off Revlon cosmetics sale and I had to take advantage. I don't own a lot of Revlon products (the colorstay foundation is an exception) as I have always considered Revlon to be a little out of my budget for drugstore makeup. I have been crushing on the Revlon Highlighting Palette since seeing it on a lot of UK blogs a while back. I waited patiently but still could not justify spending $26.95 on essentially a blush/highlighter. 50% off came around and I knew that I had to own one of these. I was deciding between the Rose Glow shade and Peach Glow, can you guess which one I picked? Peach Glow of course! 

Peach Glow is a stunning five shades set in one single palette and can be used separately or blended together. Personally I just swirl my blush brush in this and apply as a highlighter/blush/bronzer. This creates a stunning peachy shade that looks gorgeous on the face. This is really pigmented which is something I wasn't expecting so you have to be seriously light handed when applying this. You could also use the shades separately as eye shadows. 

The packaging is simple, black plastic with a clear plastic window showcasing the palette. The whole thing is fairly reminiscent to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. I do really love this highlighting palette but I am not 100% convinced on whether I would have spent the whole $26.95 on it, fortunately you don't have to as Chemist Warehouse currently has 50% off all Revlon cosmetics. If you have been eyeing this up I would definitely recommend picking it up whilst on sale!  

Love Liz xx

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Impressions: Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour

Hey Lovelies!

So I purchased the Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour in shade Lights... Camera, after a recommendation on Instagram by the lovely @brittney_saunders who compared this lip shade to Mac Velvet Teddy, which is of course a similar shade to the one sported by Kylie Jenner. I think everyone is a tad obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her wonderful lips at the moment, with reason to! She has been looking stunning lately. I am definitely full on the kylie lip bandwagon and have been buying up some purchases (not Mac unfortunately though :( ), hopefully I can do a post on my picks for you soon! 

On to the Ultra Matte Lip Colour, the shade is a dusty pink but bordering on a netural brown, it is a bit darker on my lips than I expected but I actually quite like the colour. The formula is matte which typically means drying and this is no exception to the rule. Oh my gosh! This made my lips feel so tight and dry, however I did not prep my lips beforehand so I definitely need to try that before I put this on again. It was still bearable however there is just no way that I would of been able to smack my lips together as they were just so dry. The product did crease a fair bit on my lips as well which made it look a little unnatural however I am sure if I had prepped beforehand this would have been avoided. As a matte formula this definitely does not budge once set. I drank a tea around 5 minutes after applying and was amazed to see that it was still on. It actually took a lot of effort to remove as well, a simple makeup wipe did not do the job and I had to thoroughly cleanse and partially scrub it off! 

The packaging is quite nice, it is contained in a frosted glass (plastic?) tube and has a doe foot applicator which makes application easy. This retails for $7.99 AU and there is also a range of High Shine Lip Colours with obviously a different formula than the matte version. 

*UPDATE*  This has a tendency to crack and crease on my lips as it is just so drying. I will  need to try different methods of wearing it to see if I can get away with it outside of the house. 

Love Liz xx

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Monthly Favourites

A little late but better than nothing hey? September was an awesome month for me, it started with a whole heap of assignments due at once and then ended with a birthday long weekend which included best friend sleepovers, my favourite food, tequila and of course, the Royal Show! I also have been loving a lot of new things this month, many of which have yet to be featured on the blog. On to the favourites for September..

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner

I picked up this toner after realizing that I had not been using enough acids in my skincare routine (thank you Mrs Hirons), I was occasionally using Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner and the Alpha H Liquid Gold but on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. I picked up this massive 200ml toner from Priceline on sale for around $12 (however it retails for $14.99), it contains salicylic and gylcolic acid and has been doing wonders for my skin. If you have oily and blemish prone skin I do recommend that you check this toner out, it is quite strong however!

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I received this in the massive skincare goody bag from Priceline earlier in the year. This smells aboslutely amazing and has been doing a great job of fixing up my cuticles and my poor dry cracked nails. It probably isnt the most nourishing cream on the market but it does the job for my hands and I think that this 17g tub will last me a very long time. It retails for $14.99 at Priceline.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

This 15g lip balm is seriously luxurious. It costs $19.99 (I purchased it for $12 while there was a skincare sale on) and comes contained in a frosted glass tub. It is quite a thick texture but I have been using this every night and it has been doing a fantastic job of keeping my lips lovely and not gross and dry and cracked. It also has a really nice subtle scent that I cannot put my finger on, citrus maybe?

Revlon Highlight Palette

I picked up the Revlon Highlight Palette in shade Peach Glow during the Priceline 50% off Revlon sale. I absolutely love this highlighter as it works as a highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one. The shades can be used separately or mixed, I prefer to mix personally. This item has graced my cheeks a lot this past month and probably will for the next few months! My friend picked me up the Rose Glow palette so I have that to look forward to as well.

Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder

This powder is absolutely amazing. I have used it every time I have worn makeup since I purchased it, it retails for a very low $11.40 but I purchased it whilst it was $4 off at Kmart. I think I will be repurchasing this over and over again, I very much understand the hype surrounding this product. It adds coverage while not being cakey and helps to control shine throughout the day.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick & Lipliner

Ah the Kylie Jenner lip look. If you haven't been obsessed with this lip look then you probably haven't been on Instagram, it is everywhere at the moment. I have been obsessing and have purchased a fair few products that are deemed as dupes of the Mac products used by Miss Jenner. The Essence Longlasting Lipstick in shade 06 Barely There! and the Essence Lipliner in 06 Sative Mauve are, in my opinion, a great dupe. They do last a long time on my lips and don't dry them out or accentuate any cracks, they are very flattering and I have been wearing this combo non stop which is amazing for someone who rarely wears anything more than lipbalm. The lipstick retails for $4.10 and the lipliner for $1.80 so they are definitely worth checking out.

What were your favourite things in September?

Love Liz xx

Photo Friday #03

All pictures were taken from Pinterest.

Love Liz xx

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Lovelies!

So I purchased this on a whim after seeing a gorgeous photo of it on Instagram. I can hear the collective groaning, another nude palette, really?! Yes really! I am standing by my choice as I truly love this palette. Warning, this gets a bit picture heavy. 

The Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow Palette contains 10 neutral shades which are a combination of matte and shimmer formulas. Perfect nude palette alert? The shades are named and I will give each a quick description below.

Bare - this is a great highlighting shade as it is a yellowy beige matte shadow. Not hugely pigmented but not chalky. 
Sand - a lovely shimmer light golden brown colour. Minimum fallout and well pigmented.
Golden - a yellow gold shimmer shade. Minimum fallout and decently pigmented.
Glisten - a brown shimmer shade. A bit more fallout but great pigmentation. 
Earth - a dark brown matte shade with a tiny bit of shimmer particles. Bit chalky and somewhat pigmented.

Bliss - a champagne coloured shimmer shadow. Great pigmentation and buttery texture. 
Natural - dusty pink matte shadow. Medium pigmentation and no fallout.
Desert - deeper champagne coloured shimmer shadow. Great pigmentation and minimum fallout.
Nature - dark brown matte shade. Good pigmentation and minimum fallout.
Willow - dark brown shadow with red glitter particles. Decent pigmentation and slight fallout. 

I actually quite like the packaging of this palette. Black sleek outside which is not too bulky and quite a small size in comparison to the shades inside. There is a eyeshadow applicator inside which annoys me as who even used those anymore anyways! There is a large mirror which is handy if you had to apply this on the go or if you took it with you travelling. This would be great to travel with as it is such a small size and has so many shades which you could create many great eye looks with. There is even a guide on the back of how to create a great eye look. 

This retails for $12.99 AU at Priceline but is not listed on the website but I have seen it in several stores. I really cannot recommend this palette enough if you are a lover of neutral shades. Almost all of the shades have great colour pay off and minimum fallout, there is 10 shades to choose from, with a combination of matte and shimmer, all for under $15. Not sure what else you could want really (apart from the removal of the horrible eyeshadow applicator, grr!). 

Love Liz xx

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