Friday, January 31, 2014

E.L.F Studio Blush Review

Hey Guys

So I purchased these two blushes off the iHerb website, although I am on a spending ban I could not resist putting these in my online basket while I was purchasing a present for a friend. E.L.F or Eyes Lips Face have always been a brand I am interested in as they are quite cheap and have a large range of products. I typically don't mind cheap blushes (one of my favourites is by BYS) so I was excited to try these two blushes by E.L.F. Quick note - please excuse the photo quality, I am writing this up and taking photos at a friends house and using my phone light as lighting! I will be more organised in future we just have been cleaning for a rental inspection today and then went out straight after.

E.L.F Studio Blush

These retail for $8 AU on the E.L.F Australian website but on iHerb they are only $3 US or $3.41 AU. I much prefer buying off iHerb as there are other purchases I can make to make up for the postage costs. 

Tickled Pink 83132

This is quite a nice muted pink shade that looks like a natural flush on the cheeks but it doesn't really build up very well. It is a bit shimmery on the skin so I would suggest those who don't want to draw attention to their pores should ease caution and have a light hand while applying. The packaging is black plastic and feels like a cheaper version of the ever popular Nars Blush packaging. This however has a small window showing the blush and contains a fairly small mirror but decent enough to check your face during the day, I don't typically carry around a blush in my daily makeup bag however. The real let down of this blush however is that the colour of the blush is a bit different to the picture on the website. Though for $3 US I don't think that I can really complain about this, and for the price it is a great blush with reasonable wear time on the skin just not a heap of pigmentation, I blame the sleek blushes for giving me unrealistic expectations of blush as they are always super pigmented.

Giddy Gold 83140

I don't own any blushes quite like this one, I typically am a peach or pink coloured blush lover. This however just appealed to me, I haven't worn it yet but I think I may be able to wear it as a blush, light contour or maybe even some highlighting, I will have to test this theory out soon! It is a beautiful golden colour, I was worried as again the blush is a different colour to the online picture, but I was worried it would be too sparkly and bright but it is more dull than the picture makes it out to be. It has the same packaging as I mentioned above and I assume the wear time will be similar with around 4-5 hours wear.

I look forward to maybe trying some other products from this brand when I eventually make another iHerb order. Have you tried any good E.L.F products?

Love Liz xx

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Things Moustache

Hey everyone

So I have a growing obsession with all things moustache, I just want everything because I find it quite cute and sometimes hilarious. A friend at work knows that I love moustache related things and we had quite a few moustache products that I ended up buying, so I thought I would share my small but growing collection with you!

 Mens Body Blitz Bathing Set

This set includes a 100ml cleansing body scrub, 40ml smoothing hand balm. 100g soap on a rope, 80g soothing muscle soak and a 90ml cleansing shower gel. I do not really understand why this product is only aimed at men, it doesn't seem like items that only a man would use? The product packaging states that:
With masculine Sandalwood aromatic notes, these products cleanse and refresh the body while hand products scrub away the grit of a hard day & smooth hands to reveal the smooth moves of the man within. 

I suppose it is the moustache packaging that enabled the company to push this product for men, I do not believe at all that Sandalwood is a manly scent however. I wear a Sandalwood body spray all the time and love it and I do not find myself smelling like a man! To be honest I mainly just bought this product for the packaging but I will get use out of it. It will likely come in handy for travelling thanks to the small sizes though.

This retails for $10 AU at Kmart Australia stores.

Moustache Travel Mug 

I lost my original thermal travel mug and just wanted something to drink my coffee or green tea out of whilst driving to work. I figured this would be perfect as I didn't need to keep my drink hot for a long period of time, however this baby heats up my drink and keeps it warm for a surprising amount of time! I have to add water to my green tea otherwise it is scalding hot (I found out the hard way). I am unsure of whether this is still in stores as I bought it during the Christmas period, it came with two green tea bags as well.

I purchased this for $5-6 AU at Kmart.

Sticky Note Set and 3pk Pencil Toppers

My friend grabbed these for me and I bought them without even looking at the price, turned out they were only $1 AU each at Kmart! I love sticky notes, I use them to leave notes for my partner to check on my rabbit or for myself to remember something important, they always come in handy for uni though. I don't typically use pencils but I found the pencil toppers fit on my pens.

Phone Case

Sadly I do not currently use this phone case as I use the cases that can also hold your cards and money. I saw this phone case when I was in Hong Kong and absolutely had to have it, I can remember my dad bargaining for it for me. It was more expensive than most of the other cases they had (I think I paid around $10-15 AU for the case) but I was smitten. I MOUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION with a picture of a giant eyed owl, I think when I bought this it was during my owl phase but I still thought the quote was quite funny. Looking at this is making me want to put it back on my phone but I hate carrying around my giant wallet all the time and sometimes a phone with money/cards in it is just more convenient.

Do you have a collection of anything similar to this?

Love Liz xx

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Australia Day 2014

To all my fellow Aussies out there, Happy Australia Day!!!


I just wanted to say that I am grateful for living in our beautiful Country and I am proud to be an Australian.

I hope that you all spend your day celebrating by the water (pool or beach) and that you can have a few drinks with friends (responsibly of course). I will be working during the middle of the day but will go home to my family after and hopefully spend the afternoon/night with my partner and a few of his friends.


Love Liz xx

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Loves #01

I have decided to start a weekly loving post to share with you the things that I have been reaching for the most this week. I haven't been out this week besides to brunch and work so it has been a fairly make up free week spent trying to keep out of the heat. Yay for days of 35+ degree weather. 

I am a big fan of thermal water, I use it to set my makeup and refresh it during the day. Lately though I have been using it to cool down my face when it has been hot. I also like to spray my face after a walk or being out of the house because it is just so hot. I got this thermal water in a pack when I bought my cleanance soapless gel cleanser Singapore back in January last year. I have the size 150ml which retails for $17.95 AU at Chemist Warehouse but it also comes in a 50ml and 300ml version. 

Edward Beale

The next two products I have to talk about are both from Edward Beale which I purchased recently to try to provide some much needed moisture to my bleached hair. 

First is the Edward Beale Argan Oil Leave In Treatment. I really love this treatment, I typically use a lot at night time before I go to bed and only a little bit in the morning before using my argan oil. It does weigh down the hair a bit, but I typically use with still wet but semi towel dried hair and once dry it only feels like a bit of the product is left in. Considering I slather on the stuff, only feeling like a small bit is left in is quite good. I think that this has really helped keep my hair in good condition and I will continue to use it. 

Next is the Edward Beale Argan Oil in Regular Density Oil for Normal/Coarse Thick Hair. This does come in a light oil which would be good if you did not want to weigh the hair down with product as this oil is quite heavy. It is extremely nourishing however, I would assume that the lighter version is less moisturising. I use this in the mornings, only a small amount and rub it in my hands then apply to the ends of my hair. The only problem I have with this oil is the packaging, I tend to pour out too much product which results in waste. Other than that I am very happy with this product and would consider repurchasing once I have used up this 40ml bottle. This retails for $17.99 AU but can often be found on sale at Priceline. 

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball

This was given to me by my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas (thanks again guys) and I have been using it most nights since. I do not find it easy to fall asleep, I wish I was one of those people that when there head hits the pillow they instantly fall asleep. Sadly it can take me anywhere between a half hour to a few hours to fall asleep, depending on my stress levels and comfort. In comes this little baby, it is a 10ml rollerball full of relaxing oils that aims to calm and refresh. Some of the ingredients include coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, frankincense oil, and lavender oil. You apply this to the pulse points and immediately you can strongly smell the different oils, I love the smell but I know that it may put off some people, my partner does not enjoy the smell at all. I find that this does definitely help to calm me down and I have found that I have been grinding my teeth less at night, so it seems like it is keeping me calm over the night. How cute is that Christmas packaging as well?!

What have you been loving this past week?

Love Liz xx

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I  received Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in my December Lust Have It! women's box. I was fairly unimpressed with my box, there is a current offer going for a cheap annual subscription and I am debating whether to repurchase it or not, ultimately I have been a bit disappointed and have not been looking forward to my monthly box like I used to. The one thing that I did enjoy from the last box was a 100ml Sun Sense Anti-Ageing Face Sun Protection Moisturising Lotion. But I can mention talk about that in another post.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in shade medium

Today's post is all about the BB cream. I typically loathe BB cream, well loathe is a strong word but the only money I have spent on a BB cream is on the Holika Holika Petite Clearing BB Cream which cost just over $10 on eBay. Somehow I still have a billion BB creams that just sit in the back of my drawers (Lust Have It! I blame you). The Maybelline BB cream claims to give:
Instant fresh-faced glow without looking all made up. Our gel-based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1. 1 - Fresh, lightweight feel. 2 - Blurs imperfections. 3 - Enhances. 4 - Brightens. 5 - Hydrates all day. 6 -Visibly smoothes skin. 7- Adjusts to skin tone. 8 - Oil Free.

Holika Holika Petite Clearing BB Cream 

So far the BB cream is sounding great, but does it live up to those claims? No.

I wore the BB cream out this morning for brunch and a few errands with my partner. I had to apply copious amounts of concealer because it did absolutely nothing in terms of coverage. I realise BB creams are not supposed to give fantastic coverage but my Holika Holika BB cream gives ten times as much coverage than this does. At first it seemed like the colour, which was in shade medium, was a decent match for me. However it soon oxidised so by the time I was out, my face was a nice shade of orange which clashed with the pale skin I currently have. My face also felt quite greasy despite the fact that I had used powder to set the BB cream with. So really in terms of the 8 claims of benefits this BB cream has I found most, if not all, to be inaccurate for me. The only thing I found accurate was that it was lightweight, but I attempted to layer it to provide some kind of coverage, so after all that it wasn't really lightweight any more.

Swatch of Maybelline BB Cream

Swatch of Holika Holika BB Cream

Sorry, I did not find anything good about this BB cream.

- Orange in colour
- Greasy feeling on skin
- No coverage
- Highlighted imperfections

Overall I feel if you have perfect skin then this may be a product for you, so long as the colour does not oxidise on you, but if you have fantastic skin then I don't see the need in wearing a base anyway! I probably will attempt to keep this and maybe try it again but I probably should just pass it on or throw it away. A shame as I love most Maybelline products.

Have you tried this product, any thoughts on it? Or have you got a BB cream that you love?

Love Liz xx

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Current Foundations

Hello Everyone

I have been placed on a spending ban, I say placed as I wanted to take a break from spending, but my friend is keeping me in check and making sure that I stick to it (Thankyou!!). I have decided to shop my stash for a while and only buy new things once I have finished something similar that I already own. This however is leaving me a little bit lacking in blog posts as hauls are my favourite. So I decided I should write about things I have had for quite a while and just have never featured in my blog.

Today I wanted to talk to you about the three foundations that I have been using lately. I have mentioned two of them previously, so I will not repeat myself and just update you as to how I feel about those now during summer time. 

This is the scar on my hand that I will use to swatch for comparison

Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin

This is probably my third or possibly fourth bottle of Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin and I have finished the bottle completely! This is possibly a holy grail product for me and I am surprised that I have yet to repurchase this as I like to always have one in my stash for times like this when I have run out. I think I have not repurchased this as the current bottle I have is in shade 180 Sand Beige which is currently too light for me at winter, I remember having a darker shade last summer but it did not match me very well so I was dissatisfied with it. 

I love this foundation, I have oily/blemish prone skin and this provides long wearing full coverage. I do still need to set my foundation with powder and use some later on in the day, but this stays on my face and does not slide off which I have found with many other foundations. When I purchased this it had no pump so it could be quite wasteful to use when you have a full bottle, but they now are sold with a pump so yay for that! I will probably be repurchasing this after I finish the next foundation I will mention. 

I tend to buy this online as it retails for $34.95 AU for 30ml in store, I typically can find it for around $18-20 AU from US sellers on eBay as Revlon retails for a much lower price point in the US than here in Australia. 

- Full coverage
- Long lasting
- Cheap when purchasing it off eBay

- Has a strong smell to it
- Expensive to purchase in store

Swatch of Revlon Colorstay Makeup

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation

I mentioned this in my previous post here, but now I have actually had time to test this. I purchased this in shade 54 Beige as the lighter beige shade 53 was sold out. This does match my current tanned skincare provided that I make sure I blend it down my neck, nothing worse than two different skin tones from your face to your neck. I tried to find this on the Bourjois Paris website however it is not featured there anymore, only the healthy mix serum is there. I purchased the healthy mix foundation over the healthy mix foundation serum as I had read that the healthy mix foundation provided more coverage than the serum version. This is still lighter coverage than my Revlon foundation, but I have found that if I wait a few minutes I can layer up this foundation where I want it.

I think the main thing I love about this foundation is that it comes with a pump, so I never have to worry about wasted product so I believe that I will get more use out of this product. It also is much nicer smell than my usual foundations, a bit like fruit I believe but the smell does not linger on my face nor did it cause any sensitivity. It does last quite a while on my skin with powder, not the 16 hours it claims but more like 6-8 depending on what I am doing and how hot the weather is. I think I will need to use this a few more times as to whether I would repurchase this over my Revlon Colorstay. So far I have to stay that Colorstay is higher up on the list. The healthy mix foundation does retail for cheaper at $32 AU for 30ml, I purchased it for $24 on sale however. 

- Smells nice
- Coverage can be built up
- Comes with a pump
- Often on sale

- Not quite the right shade for me
- Not as long lasting as it claims

Swatch of Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

I have done a review of this product here, and I am still very much in love with this foundation. I do not use it as an everyday makeup but more for special occasions. I must say that it is not great for events in which photos will be taken as it does cast a white look on your face in flash photography thanks to the spf 10 that is included in this foundation. It has a high price point at $50 AU for 30ml but I think that it is highly worth it, a little goes a long way.

- Full coverage
- Lasts all day
- Oil free, fragrance free and non-acenegenic
- Small pea size amount will blend and cover your entire face
- Beautiful packaging

- Does have a strong medicinal smell
- No pump
- Expensive

Swatch of Estee Lauder Stay-In-Place Makeup 

I originally used my Real Techniques buffing brush from the core collection to apply my foundation but I recently purchased the expert face brush from their range and I have to admit I have been loving it just that bit more than the buffing brush! 

What is your favourite foundation?

Love Liz xx

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Ballerina Bun

Hello Everyone

The Queen of the Ballerina Bun, Lauren Conrad

Today I wanted to share with you a neat inexpensive hair tool that I have been using to make my life easier. It is truly that great, and it is priced from only $1.00! Drum roll please.....

I present to you the Magic Bun Hair Styling Clip.... This little invention is a life saver for people who don't have the time or ability to put their hair in a fabulous bun by themselves. I lack the ability unfortunately. I am terrible at doing my hair, I am pretty certain my mum used to do my hair for school at least up until the end of primary school/start of high school (thanks Mum!)

My Ballerina Bun using the Clip
 I purchased mine off eBay I now own around 3 or 4 of them but I tend to lose them, they come in different sizes and slightly different styles, I find the large one can fit most of my hair in it. I found them fairly confusing at first (no instructions were included) but once I trialled it a few times I quickly got the hang of it and now I wear one in my hair whenever I go to work.

To use the clip you just put your hair in a ponytail and place the tip of your hair in the middle of the clip.

Place tip in here
Then close the clip and roll your hair back towards your ponytail (I usually place my hair over my face as it is so long and my arms would not reach up that high). Then you curl the clip around so the ends meet in the middle.

Curl the clip like so
And you have a bun! 

I always receive a lot of compliments and people asking me how I get my bun to look like that when I use this in my hair.

Do you have any hair tips or tricks?

Love Liz xx

NOTD #01

Hey Guys

I was stuck on what to post about today, I am still trying to stick to my 2 blog posts a week minimum and so far this week I have posted a total of zero! Sorry about that *slaps self on wrist*.

I enjoy viewing other people's nails of the day posts, and I do wear nail polish almost every day so I figured I could share what I am wearing on my nails today. I mainly just put this colour on my nails for work, no special plans this weekend so I felt this was an appropriate combination of colours for spending my weekend working.

I started off by painting my nails with O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat which I bought in a set with my O.P.I Top Coat a while ago off eBay, I think I purchased the set for around $18-$20 AU but from a US seller. I rarely buy my O.P.I from Australia as I think it is ridiculously overpriced compared to what other countries pay for it, sorry but I do not generally have a spare $18 AU for my nail polish. So I typically buy it off eBay for around $10-$15 from US sellers. 

I then painted my nails (apart from the fingers I left to do with another colour) with 2 coats of Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in shade 200 Always Naked. This is typically opaque in one coat but I used two just in case. It also dries amazingly fast!

I painted my remaining fingers with Essie Marshmallow, this colour is not as opaque and requires 2-3 coats with a fairly long drying time in between (WHERE HAS MY DRIP DRY DROPS GONE). 

After my nails were dry I used the O.P.I top coat to seal my nails. I need to invest in a different top coat, this is great but I am sure there is better out there. Any suggestions would be great? Overall this polish will only last me over the weekend as I am prone to chip wear at work. I do find that the Covergirl Outlast nail polishes have a longer wear time than some of my other brands. 

Love Liz xx

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Haul

Hey Everyone

I have another haul to share with you today, this was the result of some online shopping, one package was from a month ago, whilst the other only a week. I will list the products in groups of which website I purchased them from, one was a pleasant experience but the other not so much, and I will have to think carefully about next time I want to purchase off their website. Unfortunately this is not full reviews of the products as I only just received them today, but I can follow up with reviews later if you guys are interested.

I have purchased twice now from iHerb and both times have been for the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes, which as any beauty guru could tell you are amazing for their price. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I started out with the core collection and then received the blush brush, expert face brush and the your eyes/enhanced starter set. I have no idea what I was thinking as I desperately needed a new powder brush as my current brush is cheap and has been shedding all over my face. So I looked up the prices in Priceline and eBay and it was cheaper to purchase them off iHerb and pay for express shipping than it was to buy in store.

Your Base/Flawless Powder Brush

This is a rather large but fluffy powder brush that looks like it could do my whole face in just a few small sweeps! It does feel lovely and soft and not scratchy at all on my face. If like the other brushes in the range, I know this will hold up well with continued use and washing. My other brushes have yet to shed unlike some of the other brushes I own. I purchased this for $9.99 US or $11.18 AU, in Priceline it retails for $24.99 but is currently 20% off.

Your Finished/Perfected Stippling Brush

I am not 100% sure what to use this brush for, the lovely Samantha Chapman does provide youtube tutorials of how to use her brushes though, I will watch the one for this brush very soon. The packaging claims  that the stippling brush is her
Trade secret for creating airbrushed, high definition results with all types of makeup.
This brush costs only $9.99 US or  $11.18 AU, it retails for $22.99 AU in Priceline but is currently on sale with 20% off.

 E.L.F Tone Correcting Concealer

I placed this in my online basket on a whim as my current under eye concealer is starting to show signs of running out! I could not resist purchasing this for $2.99 US or $3.35 AU, I will just use this after my current concealer has run out and while I am waiting to research what new concealer to try. I am considering buying the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer and Treatment, which I have heard quite good reviews about.


This is the second purchase I have made on BeautyBay and unfortunately I was left fairly disappointed with the service provided. The website quotes 7-10 days for their international saver delivery which is provided at no cost for any orders off their site, my last delivery took around 25 days to arrive, and although longer than last time I was still happy with free shipping. This time around I had still not received my items for close to a month, so I emailed their customer service and asked what the process was, and told them I was happy to wait a bit longer as I knew that it had been Christmas time so a busy time of year for the postal services. I received a quick reply which was an automated response, it mainly told me I should have paid for tracking, there was not much they could do and that it should arrive. Obviously it did arrive so I can not complain about that, I realise that once it leaves the warehouse or what have you it is in the hands of the postal company. Never have I received such poor customer service however, even when buying cheap items off eBay the sellers are more considerate and helpful than the customer service I talked to. I googled the problem and it seems like a lot of people have had very similar issues with BeautyBay. I am just left disappointed with the lack of help I received, but I understand their side to the story. Ultimately I will try to shop off other websites with cheaper tracking parcel options in future.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube

This was part of the many presents I received from my partner for Christmas, of course it never arrived on time, hence why it wasn't featured in the What I got For Christmas 2013 post.  Unfortunately I am unwilling to part with the money to purchase an Urban Decay Naked Palette, instead I chose this palette which contains 2 eye base powders in a cute little pull out drawer in the bottom along with 2 duo sponge applicators, and 16 eye shadows in the top compartment. This palette is said to be
Daylight-hued eye-glow-in-a-cube of silky coordinated lid-finishers wraps your lids in embellished lustrous metallics. Fresh, natural & youthful, this palette enhances with creamy gold, nude, caramel & ancient bronze colours.
 This sounds like the perfect palette for me and I am excited to create a few new eye looks with it. I purchased this for $30.70 AU, but it is currently on sale for $28.90 AU off the BeautyBay website. 

Head Jog Teasing Brush 103

I have misplaced most of my combs somewhere and was interested in purchasing a teasing comb for quite a while now. This is a fairly cheap brush for $5.10 AU but it feels like it is nice quality and looks like it will last a while. I am excited to try this out and see how it goes teasing my thick hair!

BeautyBay Premier Service

I paid an extra $2.71 AU for the premier service added to my order. The premier service includes having your order dispatched within 24 hours of ordering and you receive at least one deluxe sample with your order. With my order I received a blending sponge (which is not available for purchase to Australia, yet they can ship it to me as a sample?) which after some digging, I discovered retails for $9.00 AU. I also received a sample of Jane Iredale's Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, I have not tried anything by Jane Iredale as I believe it is not the easiest to get a hold of in Australia. I am not a huge fan of BB creams but I am always willing to try out new ones in order to find one I am a fan of. Overall I think it was well worth the extra $2.71 for this 'premium service', I love surprises and am always happy to try out new beauty or skincare products.

Have you had any bad experiences with online shopping? Or bought any new items recently?

Love Liz xx

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My New Baby

BaByliss Pro that is!

Hello Everyone

So once I had decided to get my hair freshened up and return back to ombre, I also decided that I was sick of straightening my hair and rather I wanted the option to curl it. I have a GHD straightener which does give you the ability to curl your hair.I know that the perfect curls can be achieved with a GHD straightener, I have seen my hairdresser do it, but I can never recreate it at home, no matter how much I practice. I wanted a curling wand, but I have owned curling wands with the clip handle part to hold your hair to the iron, but I always find that these leave a kink in my hair. I wanted to find a curling iron that was just a barrel. In comes the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Conical Curling Iron.

I purchased this in the size Large or 32-19mm, however it also comes in 25-13mm. I chose the larger size as I have quite thick, long hair and I prefer it to be loosely curled over smaller tighter curls. I also purchased some heat resistant gloves so that I can hold my hair and not be afraid of getting third degree burns, though these are yet to arrive! I did some researching online and found that I could get the best price off eBay from a Salon Supply Shop, it was cheaper than in store and still came with warranty and a free heat mat. It looks like this is a very popular item and seller, as their current count for the number of  BaByliss Pro Ceramic Conical Curling Iron in size Large, sold is 537 units! 

The Heat Mat, Warrant/Instructions, Curler and Some Strange Finger Gloves..

Considering that this retails for $79.95 AU  in store, $51.95 AU is quite a bargain. It does come with 1 year warranty that is valid in Australia, authentic Australian plugs (I know that BeautyBay sells this model for cheap also, however it comes with the standard UK plug) and a heat mat. 

This curling iron is fairly simple to work, with on and off switches and 25 heat settings which are changed on a swivel and you can see the current setting number by looking below the on/off switches.

 A close up of the switches and heat settings
The heat setting guide indicates that 1-3 is for synthetic hair; 3-5 for damaged or coloured hair (this may be my setting while my hair is recovering); 6-10 for thin hair; 10-15 for medium hair; 15-20 for thick hair; 21-22 for wavy hair; and 23-25 for afro hair.

I quickly curled my hair at setting number 5
After quickly using this I think I am in love. I have to practice a few more times to perfect my technique, but so far it seems so much easier than using my GHD or the curlers with the clip handles. I also managed to get a light curl with heat setting number 5, which makes me feel like I am not further damaging my hair using heat products, I still used a heat protectant as usual though. My hair feels soft and not dried out, though I would have to use a lot of hairspray in order to keep the curl all day.

The lovely thumb and finger glove included

How do you prefer to wear you hair and what kind of styling tool do you own?

Love Liz xx


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