Friday, January 24, 2014

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I  received Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in my December Lust Have It! women's box. I was fairly unimpressed with my box, there is a current offer going for a cheap annual subscription and I am debating whether to repurchase it or not, ultimately I have been a bit disappointed and have not been looking forward to my monthly box like I used to. The one thing that I did enjoy from the last box was a 100ml Sun Sense Anti-Ageing Face Sun Protection Moisturising Lotion. But I can mention talk about that in another post.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in shade medium

Today's post is all about the BB cream. I typically loathe BB cream, well loathe is a strong word but the only money I have spent on a BB cream is on the Holika Holika Petite Clearing BB Cream which cost just over $10 on eBay. Somehow I still have a billion BB creams that just sit in the back of my drawers (Lust Have It! I blame you). The Maybelline BB cream claims to give:
Instant fresh-faced glow without looking all made up. Our gel-based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1. 1 - Fresh, lightweight feel. 2 - Blurs imperfections. 3 - Enhances. 4 - Brightens. 5 - Hydrates all day. 6 -Visibly smoothes skin. 7- Adjusts to skin tone. 8 - Oil Free.

Holika Holika Petite Clearing BB Cream 

So far the BB cream is sounding great, but does it live up to those claims? No.

I wore the BB cream out this morning for brunch and a few errands with my partner. I had to apply copious amounts of concealer because it did absolutely nothing in terms of coverage. I realise BB creams are not supposed to give fantastic coverage but my Holika Holika BB cream gives ten times as much coverage than this does. At first it seemed like the colour, which was in shade medium, was a decent match for me. However it soon oxidised so by the time I was out, my face was a nice shade of orange which clashed with the pale skin I currently have. My face also felt quite greasy despite the fact that I had used powder to set the BB cream with. So really in terms of the 8 claims of benefits this BB cream has I found most, if not all, to be inaccurate for me. The only thing I found accurate was that it was lightweight, but I attempted to layer it to provide some kind of coverage, so after all that it wasn't really lightweight any more.

Swatch of Maybelline BB Cream

Swatch of Holika Holika BB Cream

Sorry, I did not find anything good about this BB cream.

- Orange in colour
- Greasy feeling on skin
- No coverage
- Highlighted imperfections

Overall I feel if you have perfect skin then this may be a product for you, so long as the colour does not oxidise on you, but if you have fantastic skin then I don't see the need in wearing a base anyway! I probably will attempt to keep this and maybe try it again but I probably should just pass it on or throw it away. A shame as I love most Maybelline products.

Have you tried this product, any thoughts on it? Or have you got a BB cream that you love?

Love Liz xx

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