Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Haul

Hey Everyone

I have another haul to share with you today, this was the result of some online shopping, one package was from a month ago, whilst the other only a week. I will list the products in groups of which website I purchased them from, one was a pleasant experience but the other not so much, and I will have to think carefully about next time I want to purchase off their website. Unfortunately this is not full reviews of the products as I only just received them today, but I can follow up with reviews later if you guys are interested.

I have purchased twice now from iHerb and both times have been for the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes, which as any beauty guru could tell you are amazing for their price. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I started out with the core collection and then received the blush brush, expert face brush and the your eyes/enhanced starter set. I have no idea what I was thinking as I desperately needed a new powder brush as my current brush is cheap and has been shedding all over my face. So I looked up the prices in Priceline and eBay and it was cheaper to purchase them off iHerb and pay for express shipping than it was to buy in store.

Your Base/Flawless Powder Brush

This is a rather large but fluffy powder brush that looks like it could do my whole face in just a few small sweeps! It does feel lovely and soft and not scratchy at all on my face. If like the other brushes in the range, I know this will hold up well with continued use and washing. My other brushes have yet to shed unlike some of the other brushes I own. I purchased this for $9.99 US or $11.18 AU, in Priceline it retails for $24.99 but is currently 20% off.

Your Finished/Perfected Stippling Brush

I am not 100% sure what to use this brush for, the lovely Samantha Chapman does provide youtube tutorials of how to use her brushes though, I will watch the one for this brush very soon. The packaging claims  that the stippling brush is her
Trade secret for creating airbrushed, high definition results with all types of makeup.
This brush costs only $9.99 US or  $11.18 AU, it retails for $22.99 AU in Priceline but is currently on sale with 20% off.

 E.L.F Tone Correcting Concealer

I placed this in my online basket on a whim as my current under eye concealer is starting to show signs of running out! I could not resist purchasing this for $2.99 US or $3.35 AU, I will just use this after my current concealer has run out and while I am waiting to research what new concealer to try. I am considering buying the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer and Treatment, which I have heard quite good reviews about.


This is the second purchase I have made on BeautyBay and unfortunately I was left fairly disappointed with the service provided. The website quotes 7-10 days for their international saver delivery which is provided at no cost for any orders off their site, my last delivery took around 25 days to arrive, and although longer than last time I was still happy with free shipping. This time around I had still not received my items for close to a month, so I emailed their customer service and asked what the process was, and told them I was happy to wait a bit longer as I knew that it had been Christmas time so a busy time of year for the postal services. I received a quick reply which was an automated response, it mainly told me I should have paid for tracking, there was not much they could do and that it should arrive. Obviously it did arrive so I can not complain about that, I realise that once it leaves the warehouse or what have you it is in the hands of the postal company. Never have I received such poor customer service however, even when buying cheap items off eBay the sellers are more considerate and helpful than the customer service I talked to. I googled the problem and it seems like a lot of people have had very similar issues with BeautyBay. I am just left disappointed with the lack of help I received, but I understand their side to the story. Ultimately I will try to shop off other websites with cheaper tracking parcel options in future.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube

This was part of the many presents I received from my partner for Christmas, of course it never arrived on time, hence why it wasn't featured in the What I got For Christmas 2013 post.  Unfortunately I am unwilling to part with the money to purchase an Urban Decay Naked Palette, instead I chose this palette which contains 2 eye base powders in a cute little pull out drawer in the bottom along with 2 duo sponge applicators, and 16 eye shadows in the top compartment. This palette is said to be
Daylight-hued eye-glow-in-a-cube of silky coordinated lid-finishers wraps your lids in embellished lustrous metallics. Fresh, natural & youthful, this palette enhances with creamy gold, nude, caramel & ancient bronze colours.
 This sounds like the perfect palette for me and I am excited to create a few new eye looks with it. I purchased this for $30.70 AU, but it is currently on sale for $28.90 AU off the BeautyBay website. 

Head Jog Teasing Brush 103

I have misplaced most of my combs somewhere and was interested in purchasing a teasing comb for quite a while now. This is a fairly cheap brush for $5.10 AU but it feels like it is nice quality and looks like it will last a while. I am excited to try this out and see how it goes teasing my thick hair!

BeautyBay Premier Service

I paid an extra $2.71 AU for the premier service added to my order. The premier service includes having your order dispatched within 24 hours of ordering and you receive at least one deluxe sample with your order. With my order I received a blending sponge (which is not available for purchase to Australia, yet they can ship it to me as a sample?) which after some digging, I discovered retails for $9.00 AU. I also received a sample of Jane Iredale's Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, I have not tried anything by Jane Iredale as I believe it is not the easiest to get a hold of in Australia. I am not a huge fan of BB creams but I am always willing to try out new ones in order to find one I am a fan of. Overall I think it was well worth the extra $2.71 for this 'premium service', I love surprises and am always happy to try out new beauty or skincare products.

Have you had any bad experiences with online shopping? Or bought any new items recently?

Love Liz xx

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