Friday, January 17, 2014

NOTD #01

Hey Guys

I was stuck on what to post about today, I am still trying to stick to my 2 blog posts a week minimum and so far this week I have posted a total of zero! Sorry about that *slaps self on wrist*.

I enjoy viewing other people's nails of the day posts, and I do wear nail polish almost every day so I figured I could share what I am wearing on my nails today. I mainly just put this colour on my nails for work, no special plans this weekend so I felt this was an appropriate combination of colours for spending my weekend working.

I started off by painting my nails with O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat which I bought in a set with my O.P.I Top Coat a while ago off eBay, I think I purchased the set for around $18-$20 AU but from a US seller. I rarely buy my O.P.I from Australia as I think it is ridiculously overpriced compared to what other countries pay for it, sorry but I do not generally have a spare $18 AU for my nail polish. So I typically buy it off eBay for around $10-$15 from US sellers. 

I then painted my nails (apart from the fingers I left to do with another colour) with 2 coats of Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in shade 200 Always Naked. This is typically opaque in one coat but I used two just in case. It also dries amazingly fast!

I painted my remaining fingers with Essie Marshmallow, this colour is not as opaque and requires 2-3 coats with a fairly long drying time in between (WHERE HAS MY DRIP DRY DROPS GONE). 

After my nails were dry I used the O.P.I top coat to seal my nails. I need to invest in a different top coat, this is great but I am sure there is better out there. Any suggestions would be great? Overall this polish will only last me over the weekend as I am prone to chip wear at work. I do find that the Covergirl Outlast nail polishes have a longer wear time than some of my other brands. 

Love Liz xx

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