Friday, January 17, 2014

The Ballerina Bun

Hello Everyone

The Queen of the Ballerina Bun, Lauren Conrad

Today I wanted to share with you a neat inexpensive hair tool that I have been using to make my life easier. It is truly that great, and it is priced from only $1.00! Drum roll please.....

I present to you the Magic Bun Hair Styling Clip.... This little invention is a life saver for people who don't have the time or ability to put their hair in a fabulous bun by themselves. I lack the ability unfortunately. I am terrible at doing my hair, I am pretty certain my mum used to do my hair for school at least up until the end of primary school/start of high school (thanks Mum!)

My Ballerina Bun using the Clip
 I purchased mine off eBay I now own around 3 or 4 of them but I tend to lose them, they come in different sizes and slightly different styles, I find the large one can fit most of my hair in it. I found them fairly confusing at first (no instructions were included) but once I trialled it a few times I quickly got the hang of it and now I wear one in my hair whenever I go to work.

To use the clip you just put your hair in a ponytail and place the tip of your hair in the middle of the clip.

Place tip in here
Then close the clip and roll your hair back towards your ponytail (I usually place my hair over my face as it is so long and my arms would not reach up that high). Then you curl the clip around so the ends meet in the middle.

Curl the clip like so
And you have a bun! 

I always receive a lot of compliments and people asking me how I get my bun to look like that when I use this in my hair.

Do you have any hair tips or tricks?

Love Liz xx

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