Monday, January 6, 2014

New Hair & New Products

Hello Everybody!

The beginning of 2012, 2013 and 2014 has all started with a similar procedure from me, a new haircut and colour. In terms of haircut is has remained the same, just a bit off the length to freshen it up and I have kept my layers either long or non existent, and my fringe has remained parted in the middle. It sounds pretty boring and plain so far, but the thing that I do to change it up is the colour.

My latest hair colour and cut

I have been obsessed with multi toned hair for quite a while in 2011, having dark hair I was nervous about ruining my hair with bleach and looking ridiculous with very dark roots and light ends. I was also poor so could not afford the hairdressers, well I didn't want to shell out for it. It was then that I came across this post from UK blogger, LLYMLRS (she is a great blogger, so you should definitely follow her if you aren't already!) I think I went out and bought the products to do DIY ombre straight away.

The lovely LLYMLRS with her dramatic ombre hair in 2011. Source

I was still debating whether to do it or not on new years eve of 2011, and after deciding if I screw it up, I can always just chop it off. I was cautious and only did the very tips of my hair at around 11pm. The next day I went and bought some ash blonde hair dye to cover over the orange. This is where it all began.

My beautiful friend and myself (right) back in 2011

The next couple of months I continued with my ombre look until winter time when I decided to dye over it all with a colour close to my natural hair colour. I then wanted the look again around the same time the next year and did it myself, and then again this year I decided I wanted it back. This time however I chose to pay the money and go to someone who would take care of my hair and be able to give me exactly what I want. I am very happy with the results, I am just unsure of whether I should of got more chopped off to begin with, but I do love my long hair!

Another photo of my current hair

With this new hair I am having to use different products. Sorry for the poor quality photo, I have ordered a new camera online so I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Also I had my hair in a plait just before the picture, hence the absurd waviness! I went shopping at Priceline the other day and this is what I picked up to help with my new hair:

Edward Beale Hi-Lite Brite Conditioner

I was under the impression that I had kept my old purple shampoo so I only bought the conditioner on my shop, but I got home and found out that I must have thrown away my old shampoo! This conditioner is designed to 'eliminate yellowing or brassiness' in blonde or highlighted hair. I used it this morning and I think it did remove some of the brassiness that started showing on my ends, not all of it but I will continue to use it and see how I go. I found it somewhat conditioning and nowhere near as drying as my old shampoo, so hopefully if I need to, I can buy the Hi-Lite Brite Shampoo and not have it completely dry out my ends. I purchased this for $6.39 AUD for 500ml on sale, but it retails for $7.99 AUD. 

Edward Beale Ultra Gloss Argan Oil

I purchased this in the regular density over the light density oil as my hair needs all the extra moisture it can get, if you have fine, reasonably undamaged hair then the light option may be best for you. I used this last night on towel dried hair, it could be my imagination but my ends felt better this morning when I woke up than they usually do. I am hoping that with continued use, this will lessen the damage to my hair and keep it nice and smooth. The packaging says that this oil can be used for heat protection if used before styling, I am interested to use this for that purpose as I am waiting for a new curling iron to arrive in the mail and I am running low on the last of my heat protection. This 40ml bottle retails for $17.99 AUD but I purchased this at Priceline for only $14.39 AUD.

Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil

I purchased this Keratin Oil from Organix mainly due to the statement 'Instant Repair, Weightless Healing Oil' which is says on the packaging. I wanted an oil that I could wear easily during the day that would not weigh down my hair nor make it look greasy. The product manages to uphold its claims, well at least about being weightless, the instant repair is yet to be proven. This spray is light but moisturising and 2 sprays is enough to coat my ends. It also smells amazing, absolutely delicious, I had to resist from spraying some in my mouth, though I am sure it would be no where near as satisfying. I do not think I will find this as moisturising as the argan oil, but hopefully it is moisturising enough to keep my hair tamed throughout the day! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my new hair. Have you started off this year with a new hair cut or colour? 

Love Liz xx

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