Friday, January 31, 2014

E.L.F Studio Blush Review

Hey Guys

So I purchased these two blushes off the iHerb website, although I am on a spending ban I could not resist putting these in my online basket while I was purchasing a present for a friend. E.L.F or Eyes Lips Face have always been a brand I am interested in as they are quite cheap and have a large range of products. I typically don't mind cheap blushes (one of my favourites is by BYS) so I was excited to try these two blushes by E.L.F. Quick note - please excuse the photo quality, I am writing this up and taking photos at a friends house and using my phone light as lighting! I will be more organised in future we just have been cleaning for a rental inspection today and then went out straight after.

E.L.F Studio Blush

These retail for $8 AU on the E.L.F Australian website but on iHerb they are only $3 US or $3.41 AU. I much prefer buying off iHerb as there are other purchases I can make to make up for the postage costs. 

Tickled Pink 83132

This is quite a nice muted pink shade that looks like a natural flush on the cheeks but it doesn't really build up very well. It is a bit shimmery on the skin so I would suggest those who don't want to draw attention to their pores should ease caution and have a light hand while applying. The packaging is black plastic and feels like a cheaper version of the ever popular Nars Blush packaging. This however has a small window showing the blush and contains a fairly small mirror but decent enough to check your face during the day, I don't typically carry around a blush in my daily makeup bag however. The real let down of this blush however is that the colour of the blush is a bit different to the picture on the website. Though for $3 US I don't think that I can really complain about this, and for the price it is a great blush with reasonable wear time on the skin just not a heap of pigmentation, I blame the sleek blushes for giving me unrealistic expectations of blush as they are always super pigmented.

Giddy Gold 83140

I don't own any blushes quite like this one, I typically am a peach or pink coloured blush lover. This however just appealed to me, I haven't worn it yet but I think I may be able to wear it as a blush, light contour or maybe even some highlighting, I will have to test this theory out soon! It is a beautiful golden colour, I was worried as again the blush is a different colour to the online picture, but I was worried it would be too sparkly and bright but it is more dull than the picture makes it out to be. It has the same packaging as I mentioned above and I assume the wear time will be similar with around 4-5 hours wear.

I look forward to maybe trying some other products from this brand when I eventually make another iHerb order. Have you tried any good E.L.F products?

Love Liz xx

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