Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Things Moustache

Hey everyone

So I have a growing obsession with all things moustache, I just want everything because I find it quite cute and sometimes hilarious. A friend at work knows that I love moustache related things and we had quite a few moustache products that I ended up buying, so I thought I would share my small but growing collection with you!

 Mens Body Blitz Bathing Set

This set includes a 100ml cleansing body scrub, 40ml smoothing hand balm. 100g soap on a rope, 80g soothing muscle soak and a 90ml cleansing shower gel. I do not really understand why this product is only aimed at men, it doesn't seem like items that only a man would use? The product packaging states that:
With masculine Sandalwood aromatic notes, these products cleanse and refresh the body while hand products scrub away the grit of a hard day & smooth hands to reveal the smooth moves of the man within. 

I suppose it is the moustache packaging that enabled the company to push this product for men, I do not believe at all that Sandalwood is a manly scent however. I wear a Sandalwood body spray all the time and love it and I do not find myself smelling like a man! To be honest I mainly just bought this product for the packaging but I will get use out of it. It will likely come in handy for travelling thanks to the small sizes though.

This retails for $10 AU at Kmart Australia stores.

Moustache Travel Mug 

I lost my original thermal travel mug and just wanted something to drink my coffee or green tea out of whilst driving to work. I figured this would be perfect as I didn't need to keep my drink hot for a long period of time, however this baby heats up my drink and keeps it warm for a surprising amount of time! I have to add water to my green tea otherwise it is scalding hot (I found out the hard way). I am unsure of whether this is still in stores as I bought it during the Christmas period, it came with two green tea bags as well.

I purchased this for $5-6 AU at Kmart.

Sticky Note Set and 3pk Pencil Toppers

My friend grabbed these for me and I bought them without even looking at the price, turned out they were only $1 AU each at Kmart! I love sticky notes, I use them to leave notes for my partner to check on my rabbit or for myself to remember something important, they always come in handy for uni though. I don't typically use pencils but I found the pencil toppers fit on my pens.

Phone Case

Sadly I do not currently use this phone case as I use the cases that can also hold your cards and money. I saw this phone case when I was in Hong Kong and absolutely had to have it, I can remember my dad bargaining for it for me. It was more expensive than most of the other cases they had (I think I paid around $10-15 AU for the case) but I was smitten. I MOUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION with a picture of a giant eyed owl, I think when I bought this it was during my owl phase but I still thought the quote was quite funny. Looking at this is making me want to put it back on my phone but I hate carrying around my giant wallet all the time and sometimes a phone with money/cards in it is just more convenient.

Do you have a collection of anything similar to this?

Love Liz xx

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