Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello to 2014


How was everyone's new years celebrations? I spent mine at home with the boyfriend and his friend and my younger brother. I have always found that when I make plans for a fantastic nye it always turns out disappointing but when I go in with no expectations, I am generally pleasantly surprised. This is going to be one of those obligatory new years resolutions post. I am determined to stick to my resolutions this year as I would like to  prepare myself for finishing my degree and joining the real working world. This post however will focus only on my beauty resolutions for the year. So here are my beauty resolutions for 2014:

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Drink more water

I am generally pretty terrible at remembering to drink water, I also will usually chose soft drink, coffee, tea or something else over water. I am planning on buying a large water bottle and making sure that I fill it up and drink from it whilst I am at home.

Eat more healthily

This goes hand in hand with drinking more water, I need to be eating less processed food and drink and go back to the basics. I am obviously never going to stick to a crazy strict diet. But maybe I can chose healthier snacks and meals over those that are unhealthy and fatty.

Clean my makeup brushes once a week

I am planning to wash my makeup brushes in two lots a week. One wash halfway during the week on hopefully Wednesday (depending on my uni timetable) and the rest on Sunday. I have enough brushes that I can wash half and still have the other half to do my makeup as usual so I do not have to be waiting impatiently while the brushes dry. Cleaning my brushes more regularly will ensure less bacteria is on my face and can help to clear up any skin problems.

Use up more products and limit purchases

This is a less positive resolution, but it is necessary. I am running out of space to hold all my skincare and makeup products, I often forget I have something and then will buy something similar or the exact same product. I would like to have more empties and less purchasing unless it is really necessary (or on sale!).

Blog twice a week

I am unsure of how realistic this will be come uni time but I am determined to keep up with my blog. I enjoy beauty and I enjoy reading and writing about it, so it would be great if I have enough spare time to ensure that I can do this. This is a wait and see what happens resolution, but I would very much like to stick to this.

Did you make any new years resolutions for 2014?

Love Liz xx

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