Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Got for Christmas 2013

Hey Guys

I figured I should share with everyone what beauty related items I got for Christmas this year. I did quite well this year, most of the beauty related items I received I had chosen myself for my boyfriend to give to me. We don't usually do surprises and rather just let each other know what we would like for our presents. This will be a short post, my camera is having a few problems at the moment so no pictures sorry! But hopefully you get the idea.


Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

I have developed a love for Clarins ever since discovering the Clarins Lotus Oil, while they can be a little pricey they feel absolutely fantastic to use on my skin. This is just a gel cleanser that I hoped to use to take off my makeup and to use occasionally as my morning cleanser.

Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion

I already own this Nivea in-shower body lotion in the normal skin version, but I asked for the very dry skin version although I don't have extremely dry skin but in an effort to put in the extra moisture I lose from shaving my legs regularly during the summer.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR

This is an absolutely stunning bottle of multi-purpose dry oil than can be used on the face, body or hair. I am not sure whether I will be using this product on my face, but I do plan on using it on my body and the ends of my hair. The bottle contains glitter/shimmer particles throughout and the main reason I purchased this would be because of how it looks, I did read some positive reviews on it, but I could not resist owning this shiny glitter filled oil.

Aesop Parsley Seed Masque

I had read lots of reviews on this and was dying to buy it, and when my skin took a turn for the worst, I put it on my Christmas list. It is the most expensive face mask I own but by golly! I have only used this twice but it does make my skin feel so much better! I try to only use this once a week and a small amount as I do find it is quite drying.

Aesop Control Gel

Like the Parsley Seed Masque, I put this on my Christmas list when my skin was just continually getting worse and worse. I did buy another spot gel in the meantime so I have not yet used this product. I am trying to use up the last of an old tube before I open this, lets hope I can keep it up for the last little bit of my other one!


Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set

I already have fallen in love with the Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques brushes, I only owned the core collection (mainly for the buffing brush) before this Christmas. I only had a cheap set of eye makeup brushes and I just kept finding that they would not pick up enough pigment, and I found that my fingers could do a better job of picking up the colour. So far I am loving every brush in this set, and I use most of them daily. They pick up colours so much better and they are really not that expensive to purchase off iherb, Australian prices are just ridiculous in comparison to the US prices so I would recommend buying them off a US seller.

Real Techniques Your Finish/Perfected Blush Brush

I had to buy a blush brush as I had been using my contour brush previously for blush and bronzer, but found it ended up mixing the colours too much on my cheeks. I am in love with this brush though, I tend to have a heavy hand in terms of blusher but this just seems to apply just the right amount for me.

Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless Expert Face Brush

I think I may of found a new winner for my foundation brush. It is only early days so far, but I have been picking this up for my base rather than my beloved buffing brush. It seems that this just gives more of a flawless and blended finish, but that could be because it is a new brush vs an older much loved brush. I will have to see how things pan out in the future with this one.

I also am waiting for some of my Christmas presents to still be delivered, I asked for a Pixi eyeshadow palette and also a teasing brush, so I am just hanging out for those to arrive in my mailbox! I really regret not buying the Real Techniques Powder Brush, so I may have to have a little look on eBay and compare the prices.. Now these were only my beauty related gifts as I was quite spoilt this year but I don't want to bore you with talk of my other presents. Sorry again about my camera having some malfunctions. Hopefully it should be fixed by my next post.

What did you guys get for Christmas this year?

Love Liz xx

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