Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye...


Hey Everyone

As you may be able to deduct from the title, this is my product review of some of the latest eye products that I have purchased. Some of these I have had for a while and others were tested just for this post (sorry for still having it in the packaging).

This is a liquid liner available in 2 shades, black and brown (I own black) which claims to be smudge proof and ultra glossy. This is extremely high gloss and does come with a very thin but flexible and not at all stiff brush which is helpful for creating the perfect flick. I am still mastering the skills of the cat eye, but this liner creates a much more fine and precise line than I can get with a pencil, so hopefully with more practice I will be able to master the feline flick! I will continue to enjoy using this liner. This retails for $9.95 AUD, I purchased mine at Priceline in the 40% off Cosmetics sale, however it is currently retailing for only $6.95

Swatches of Liquid Liner

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Physician Formula Nude Shimmer Strip Palette
Physician Formula Nude Shimmer Strip and Swatches

This is a 'custom eye enhancing shadow & liner' palette that can create an everyday nude look or a more dramatic look when applied wet. When applied dry this is quite a sheer palette and only a few of the shadows show up on my eyelid, however it does give a much more intense look when applied wet, shades can also be built up to create a less dramatic but still noticeable nude eye. The brush that comes with this is pretty useless, however it does fit into the small shade strips which some brushes would struggle with. All shades are shimmer, but do not have too much fallout fortunately. The darkest black shade does make a decent liner with the help of an eye liner brush, and the lightest shade can work to be a highlighter under the brow bone. I was a bit disappointed with the sheerness of the shadows and as a result would not repurchase, however it is great if you are looking for a just a wash of shimmery shades to create some nude eye looks. This retails for $24.95 AUD but I purchased this during the Priceline 40% off Cosmetics sale. 

Swatches of the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot

Swatch of Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot in 35 Auburn Envy

This is a single eye shadow pot from Max Factor in the shade 35 Auburn Envy. This is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery bronze/copper shade that looks fantastic in both the pot and on the eye. It is very buttery soft and extremely easy to use. I use either a brown or slightly pink base shadow underneath and use this either all over the lid or blended into the crease for a simple but sexy eye look. This retails for $12.95 AUD but I purchased this when it was first released in Priceline with $7 off the new range. 

Swatch of Wild Shadow Pot on my arm

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in 05 Caramel Rage

This is a 2 in 1 product from Max Factor, it can be used as both a gel shadow and a liner, I purchased this in shade 05 Caramel Rage (if you haven't guessed by now my favourite shades are brown, bronze, coppery, nude colours) which is a golden brown shade. In my opinion the pencil is too thick to be applied as a liner as it does apply in quite a thick line and is very pigmented, however a pencil sharpener may be able to fix this problem. This does work beautifully as an eye shadow, particularly on days when you have to be ready quickly, just a swipe and a bit of blending with a fluffy brush and tada beautiful eyes! My one con to this great product however is that it is in a pencil form, so I will need to dig out my jumbo pencil sharpener rather than just being able to twist up the product for more. This retails at $12.95 AUD but like the Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot, I purchased this for $7 off RRP during the release at Priceline.

Swatch of Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil on my arm and paper

Essence have a huge range of products released in Australia and some of their products I absolutely adore nail art express dry drops, quattro eye shadow in 05 to die for, and all about matt compact powder to name a few. This mascara was a bit of a let down for me however, they have no fewer than 15 mascaras in their range and I have heard great reviews about quite a few of them. However I picked up this mascara on a whim in the Priceline 40% off Cosmetics sale, mainly because the packaging reminded me of Eyeko Mascara, the brush inside does look a little like the Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara. This product was a little lost on me, no matter how much I try I just cannot successfully use the brush. The product gets all over my face and the lashes that it does manage to coat are all clumped together and spider leg looking. This is a bargain for $4.25 AUD, however I will be looking at trying another of the essence mascaras next time. I still love the brand and you cannot get better value for money with their range!

Essence Lashes Go Wild Mascara and Swatch

Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length Mascara

I purchased the Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length Mascara in the non waterproof formula in shade 001 Blackest Black. I just have to say I absolutely love the packaging of this mascara, the purple and blue green colours just makes me want to stare at it and avoid using it in order to keep it forever clean. Not only do I love the packaging however but I also love using this mascara, I have very small lashes that do not stand out at all, it does what it claims to and does provide some much needed volume and length to my puny lashes without clumping. It also has a big thumbs up for me for not irritating my eyes whilst I am wearing my contact lenses! I would definitely consider repurchasing this after I have used this up, but I am terrible at sticking to one product and always want to try the latest thing. This retails for $21.95 AUD but I picked this up during Priceline's 40% off Cosmetics sale.

Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length Mascara - see what I mean about the packaging!

Obviously I went a little overboard in the latest Priceline 40% off Cosmetics sale, I believe I spent almost $200 AUD (after having put myself on a spending ban, whoops!).

Love Liz xx 


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