Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

This is in no means a new product for me, I have owned Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray for a couple years now as it was a birthday gift from my best friend. It originally came in a pack with I believe a shower gel and shimmer body lotion, however I have since misplaced these so I cannot be 100% accurate.

I had wanted this perfume for a long time before I received it, I think the first time I used it was in the duty free lounge at the airport on a trip to Bali, I was only young so I couldn't afford it. But my friend knew how much I wanted it and bought it for me one year, for which I am so grateful as it has remained my most loved perfume ever since. Daisy was the first in a huge range of beautiful designed bottles and smells, which includes Daisy Eau So Fresh, Lola, Dot, and Honey. My mum owns Dot and it also looks absolutely incredible, and smells amazing. I would like to eventually own them all (maybe minus Lola as I just have never really liked the smell) but in the meantime I will be ever so happy to keep applying Daisy.

Daisy is described as:
Fresh and feminine, Daisy is a playful bright and alluring scent. Daisy captivates with the luscious freshness of wild strawberry, then blooms with the modern vintage edge of velvety petals and finishes with a luminous blend of gardenia and jasmine. The white accords of birch and cedarwood add intensity. 

I find that this scent lasts a long time on my skin, but it does dull down after an hour or two to the point of where I cannot smell it on myself but other people can. I really do love this scent and if I ever finish this bottle I would definitely repurchase it.

Love Liz xx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gift With Purchase - Magazine Subscription

So for my Christmas present I asked my brother to get me a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine, I had seen an advertisement that the subscription came with a random bunch of cosmetics, apparel and accessories. I thought a magazine subscription would be a great idea for me as I stopped buying magazines a long time ago as the price just kept creeping up and up. The subscription was around $60 on sale, you can currently get 12 issues for $74.95 here, this is a much better price than buying them all separately.  Onto the things I received..

I am not sure if I have found the exact eyeliner online as the online version is packaged in white while the eyeliner I received is all black. I received the shade 01 Black which is my preferred shade as I have dark eyes and hair and prefer the dramatic look of dark eyeliner. I have actually received this eyeliner before, more like 4 of them. These are given out like crazy in a lot of the show bags at the Perth Royal Show. I do like this eyeliner, it is pigmented, long lasting and contains an inbuilt sharpener. It does feel a bit cheaply made and is nothing special, but I am happy to have received this.

I have never really heard anything about the Kerastase Paris products, other than I knew they were sold on adorebeauty. Turns out it is a company owned by Loreal Paris, this can be considered as a higher end brand however as the products retail for over $35 AU whilst Loreal hair care starts at around $10 AU. I received the products from the RÉSISTANCE range which reinforces weakened, damaged or fine hair from the inside, which is actually perfect for my damaged hair. I received the Fibre Architecture Renovating Dual Serum which is supposed to be non-greasy but reconstructing for brittle and damaged hair. I assume this is like a leave in treatment as it is expected to be used on dry hair after styling, and with no need to rinse it out. I also received the Ciment Thermique Heat-Activated Reconstructing Milk, which is a very strange product. From what I can work out, this is leave in milk for damaged and weak hair, which provides thermal protection from heat styling. This product range seems perfect for my hair so I look forward to trying it, I just hope I don't fall in love as from what I can tell it is quite expensive. 

I havent really heard anything from Nude Footwear before, but after looking online I can see that The Iconic is an online stockist of their products, there is no prices on the Nude Footwear website so it is hard to gauge what their products run for. This is a really nice clutch bag, it has textured brown material on the outside with gold leather flap and a gold chain inside. I love products with gold accents so I am sure I will get some use out of this bag. Sadly my eyeliner has already messed up this bag a little bit but hopefully its fixable!

I have sadly never heard of this brand before so it is nice to have something from a brand I am not familiar with included in this gift bag, I could not find the exact bracelet online but similar items were priced between $20 AU and possibly even up to $65 AU. They have really cute pieces though, I received multi coloured beads with a few sterling silver beads, a silver looking coin and an 'eye' with a little black card attached to the bracelet that says:
If the eye charm falls off, it has protected you from negative energy.
I think this is pretty cute and I have to remember to actually put it on and wear it, I am happy it is mainly the multi coloured stone beads than sterling silver as I typically wear only gold jewellery but I should be able to get away with wearing this and my usual gold stuff.  

I have seen these tights (or stockings as I like to call them) before in Myer, but never being a big fan of stockings I never bothered to purchase any as they are slightly out of my price range. I received 4 pairs, power tights, racy tights, fame tights, and dynamic tights, all in size B which is perfect for me. I cant find these exact ones online but they range from $13+ AU. 

I have heard of this brand before and I think it has some absolutely gorgeous clothing. I have not yet opened my dress as it came in a size large which is not the typical size I go for, I typically am a small or possibly a medium. I may have to re gift this which makes me sad and hence I have been avoiding opening it. I really hope the sizes run small! 

Overall I have been really impressed with this gift with purchase, I would of been happy with just the magazines to be honest but this is a lovely extra!

Love Liz xx

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss

I have previously mentioned the Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss on my blog before, this is because I think that they have to be one of the best low end brand nail polishes. I do love my Essie and O.P.I nail polishes but at $16+ these Covergirl polishes are much more affordable at $6.95 AU. I managed to grab these for only $2 AU each during the Kmart clearance. I already own three of these polishes and added another three to my collection.

I purchased these in the shades 230 Golden Opportunity, 225 Perfect Penny and 145 Lav-Endure. I love all of these shades, they are all similar formula and opaque in close to two coats. They are glossy and do not need a top coat, however I still like to apply one to lengthen wear time, which is typically 3-5 days with minimal tip wear.

230 Golden Opportunity

This is a really beautiful shimmer/glitter filled gold. It starts out fairly sheer but can be built up after 2 or maybe 3 coats. Because of the shimmer particles it does take a bit more effort to remove this polish, don't let that put you off though as this is absolutely gorgeous and looks very high class. 

225 Perfect Penny

This is a shimmery bronze colour, this has a lot less shimmer particles than Golden Opportunity, this is more of a satin looking colour. This is opaque in almost one coat but can be layered another just in case.

145 Lav-Endure

This is a lovely pastel purple which I like to wear on my toenails. This is a fairly sheer colour and it takes 3 coats to be near opaque, even then it can still be a little sheer. 

Have you tried these nail glosses by Covergirl before?

Love Liz xx

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to School

Ok well its not quite school, I am completing my fifth and final year in my University degree this year. I am absolutely terrified, I have little to no idea what the real world is going to be like, I went from 8 years in primary school to completing another 5 years in High School, I then jumped straight into University, which will add on another 5 years once I have finished. I have been in an educational environment since I was 4/5 years old, so around 18 years at  the end of this year. In one way I feel like it will be a nice change, I will still be learning plenty of new things but I will have a lot more responsibility and be relied upon by people other than friends and family.

This year I am only studying part time to finish my degree, which I am quite glad of as looking at my course outlines for this semester I will be in for a jam packed time with lots of assignments, tutorials, group projects and even court dates. I still need to work as well to ensure I can support myself, particularly seeing as my partner and I are about to sign a 6 month lease agreement which is very exciting. I am looking forward to making a part of my house that is dedicated soley to studying, I have far too many distractions in my house (mainly my computer with all the blogs I love to read) so this is necessary to ensure I get heaps of my work done on time. 

I do still really hope to get enough blog posts done as I love writing them and sharing my thoughts with other people. I feel like I can come out of my shell and talk to you guys, where as I am not so great at doing that in person. But I am going to have to prepare myself for my future career where I will need to be talkng to a lot of strangers, preferably without getting so nervous that I stammer. I may have to schedule a lot of future posts so that in times of assessment I am not worrying about having nothing to post about. 

Well I am writing this as I am on the train making my way to the campus for my first lecture. I will probably edit this at home and double check it all as blogging from my phone is not ideal. 

I just wanted to get some things off my chest as I was nervous about this year and what it may bring, but I feel like I can do it and I can be more confident and willing to participate. Thank you for reading this, if you managed to get the whole way through.

Love Liz xx

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Loves #05

It is the time of week again where I share with you what I have been loving this past week, mainly I think I have been loving the fact that I was still on holidays. But as of tomorrow my holiday is all over and done with and I am back for another semester. However I do have some actual products that I can share with you!

I purchased this lip butter a while ago at priceline for $5.69 AU in the flavour vanilla & macadamia which I think is absolutely amazing smelling. I have a love for all things vanilla and so I had to purchase this. I am glad I did as this is quite a moisturising lip butter and I like to use this after putting on my foundation so that any lip products I chose to wear goes on smoothly rather than looking horrible on my chapped lips.

I have mentioned this post beforehand here (contains swatches) and I have been wearing nothing other than this lately. It is a dusty pink which I have found to go brilliantly with a neutral eye look and pink cheeks. This lasts a long time and does slightly stain the lips so you don't feel the need to reapply constantly. It retails for $15.95 here in Australia, but you can usually grab it on sale, I purchased this for only $5 in a clearance sale at Kmart.

Bit of a strange product to mention in my weekly loves, but I use this product everyday and have done so for a couple years now. I am amazed I actually haven't mentioned it before now. I am quite a hot blooded person, I get warm and hot easily and as a result I tend to sweat a fair bit. I also sweat as a result of being overly anxious or nervous, which can happen a fair bit. I used to really struggle with finding the right deodorant, sprays never ever worked and a roll on was only sufficient for so long. Until my mum, who suffers from the same problem (minus the nervous part) put me onto this Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant. You use this at night time and then reapply after 24 hours, and this really does work, I definitely notice the difference when I forget to apply it one night. This retails for $11-14 at chemists and some grocery stores, it does last quite a while however as you only really need to turn it once for each underarm. I usually purchase the shower fresh version, it also comes in fragrance collection and ultra dry in the women's range.

I had never been a huge fan of Sandalwood, however I found it to be very calming and great to use when you are about to go to bed if you struggle to fall asleep. I received this as a present for my 21st birthday from my cousin and I absolutely love it. I have been using this almost daily as I find it a very calming scent. This 100ml bottle retails for $39.95 AU on the Mt Romance website.

Love Liz xx

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Asos Beauty Haul

I recently purchased a few items from asos while they were having a sale on some of their beauty products,. Technically this is a late valentines day present as the boy and I dont really do presents on valentines day, but my paypal wasn't working (it actually wasn't) so I used his paypal and just never paid him back. Rimmel London products must be moving up in the ranks for me as everything but one purchase was all Rimmel, so sorry that this is a Rimmel heavy haul but I could not resist the sale prices. So here is a mini review of all the products I grabbed, I plan on doing full reviews on the products as soon as possible. 

I always have dry lips and I have a lot of lip balms as a result. However it seems that most of my lip balms are large tubes or pots were you have to use your fingers, which can be unhygienic and so I have been looking for tubes that I can pop straight on my lips and not have to worry about cleaning my hands. I love the fake cherry smell of most beauty products and this strong smell reminds me of old Lip Smackers and lollies. I purchased this for $3.04 AU and I cant find an online price in Australia but the same 10g tube in the original flavour retails for $6.49 AU. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint

I cant actually find this on the Australian Rimmel London website or Priceline so I think that this hasnt been released in Australia yet. I got this in the shade 006 Rich Russet which I have heard UK beauty blogger, Lily Pebbles rave about, see here. I had to try it out for myself and could not resist at $6.08 AU, it typically retails for $9.78 AU on asos, but I can assume it would retail for more here in Australia. Lily claims that these have extreme lasting power so you have to blend them quickly before they set. I am excited to try this out as it seems like a lovely golden taupe colour. 

I was after a new cream concealer and I have always liked the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer, so I was interested to try something else from their concealer line. Rimmel states that this is a:
Blendable dual action concealer [that] covers imperfections without clogging the pores [while] the inner core gently treats blemishes.
Sorry for the blurriness!

The American version of this (the one I have) comes in 4 shades, soft ivory, soft beige, classic beige, and ivory. I picked up 030 Classic Beige, this seems an adequate match for me but I always struggle picking my shade from an online picture. In Australia you can only purchase this in 2 shades, ivory and soft beige. It retails for $11.95 AU but I purchased it for $6.08 AU.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

I have actually purchased this a few times before, back when I was in high school so probably around 5 or 6 years ago (eeek), I just cannot remember what colour I used to purchase this in, but I think it was probably a bit pink for my skin. I have purchased the translucent powder as I have a translucent loose powder but not a pressed one and I think that translucent powders are great for my skin as they keep my skin oil free without adding another colour to my face. 

This is available in 6 colours on asos, but only available in peach glow, silky beige, sandstorm and translucent. The shade I purchased, 001 transparent would be equivalent to translucent in Australia. I purchased this for $5.07 AU but it retails here for $12.95 AU. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

This foundation is supposed to be a really good dupe for Estee Lauder double wear which I already own and love so I am very excited to try this out. I really hope I purchased this in a shade close to my skin colour, it looks a bit light but I am hoping that it will be a good winter colour for me. I purchased this in the shade 103 True Ivory. This retails for $17.95 AU but I purchased it for $9.12 AU. 

Love Liz xx

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Minis #01

As I previously mentioned, I am trying to use up the products that I already own rather than filling up my large stash of products. This includes using up the many samples I have accumulated thanks to online shopping and beauty box subscriptions. I wanted to do some mini reviews on the products I am 'sampling' at the moment, so here we go.

I couldn't actually find anything else about this online on the Avène website, until I just googled the product and found out it is called the Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion, this is quite annoying as it seems a little misleading about the product. But besides that I have been loving this sample and would definitely consider purchasing the full size which is 40ml for $24.99 AU compared to the 5ml in the sample. This is designed to be oil regulating, anti shine, oil free and non-comedogenic which is only good things for my skin. 

This primer retails for $29.95 for 15ml here in Australia, I have heard mixed reviews about this product so I appreciated a sample of 5ml that I received in one of my beauty boxes. This actually feels quite nice on my skin and not the strange silicone feeling I was expecting. This does a fairly decent job of keeping my makeup in place all day, I do have to put on some powder after a few hours. To be honest though I would rather spend the extra few dollars and buy myself the Clarins primer as I have a lot of faith in that brand. 

I have mentioned in my latest weekly loves post about this mascara, this is a 3g sample size that I have two of, fortunate for me as the full size retails for $38 AU in Myer. I really love this mascara as it gives me big babydoll eyelashes without flaking or clumping. I think I would rather spend the money on something else and instead try and find a dupe for it, anyone have any ideas?

Love Liz xx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment

I purchased the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser after finishing off my Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer in shade Cream which was the incorrect shade for my skin. I had been meaning to purchase the Instant Age Rewind Eraser for quite a while, but I was not willing to part with the $18.95 AU for it, and I had forgotten about it during the half price Maybelline sale and came home with the Super Stay concealer instead. I did quite like that concealer, but being the wrong shade was painful, but I managed to mainly mix it with a bit of concealer to get a brightening under eye effect.

 I finally purchased the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser after finding it from a legitimate seller on eBay for only $13.80 with free postage. It arrived quickly in all the packaging and not out of date or anything horrible which can occur when purchasing off eBay. In Australia this can be purchased in 4 shades, fair, light, medium and brightener. I purchased this in the shade medium, which seems to be a good match for my summer skin colour. 

This is not only a concealer, but also claims to be a treatment for under eye circles. It contains Goji Berry and Haloxyl which the website claims to be the active ingredient that:
Reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles.
I have not been using this enough to comment on whether this product can actually treat the appearance of under eye circles, in my experience not a lot can so I am quite doubtful of this claim. Regardless I am happy to try and hope that it does work but I will not be too disappointed if it doesn't make any long term difference. 

I have quite dark under eye circles, perhaps a combination of my sleeping troubles and genetics (thanks dad) and no matter what I do they wont budge. I quite like to use the cooling eye ball rollers after they have been  in the fridge for a while, but this is only a temporary improvement. This concealer works really well to cover my dark circles, just a twist or two and there is enough to cover everything. I realise that a brush on top is not the most hygienic of ways to dispense the product, but I will be the only one using this so I see no problems with it. I just have to keep it away from my eyes as I would with any other brush. 

Love Liz xx

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wishing For #01

While you are on a limited spending budget, you tend to end up lusting over and wishing for a long list of things. I decided to start a post so I can share with you want I have been wanting, maybe you guys will have some insight on whether or not the items are worth it, and mainly just to keep an online list of everything I am after. Now for the wishlist..

This beautiful creation is from the Body Shop and is fairly popular with UK bloggers, which is how I discovered the product. This retails for $28.95 AU which I don't think is unreasonable as I expect this product would last me quite a while. I am currently using a sample bronzer I received in a Clarins gift bag, as my other Australias bronzer was way too dark for me. This has been on my wish list for a few months now so I do plan on eventually purchasing this, when I am no longer on a spending ban. 

This palette has yet to be released in Australia, so I may have to search eBay in order to grab this for myself. It is an absolutely gorgeous shimmer brick style highlighter which looks reminiscent to the lovely offering by Bobbi Brown. In the US it is available in three shades, Peach Glow, Bronze Glow, and Rose Glow (pictured). The retail for $9.59 US on the Target online website, it would of course be a lot more expensive than that if this product is released in Australia. 

I only use a cheap mattifying primer from Loreal currently, I am still not sure whether or not it actually does much to keep my foundation staying longer or whether it actually keeps my skin oil free. I have heard really good reviews and considered getting this primer for Christmas but I already had so many other things I wanted so I left this out of my Christmas wish list. I am really regretting my decision and this has since stayed on my wish list. This retails for $38 AU in Myer but you can get this from adorebeauty for $31.92. 

I have had this lip butter on my feel unique wish list for quite a while now. It is $16 AU which seems quite expensive for just a lip balm type product, which is why it hasnt been put in my basket just yet. I have heard many good things about these Korres lip butters, they come in a range of flavours, and I would be happy to try any of them, but I just have a weakness for mangoes. The packaging does not really remind me of mangoes but looks very lovely and vibrant nonetheless. This may have to stay in my wish list for a while longer though as I am not quite ready to part with so much for a lip butter. 

I have recently bought a few items that I will be reviewing soon that have been on my wish list, I am excited to test them all out. I just hope they live up to my expectations! I also have a few more things I am wanting, mainly home items as we will soon have some more room in our house so the spaces must be filled with beautiful things. Another Ikea trip will be coming up soon I foresee. 

What have you got on your wish list?

Love Liz xx

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Loves #04

Another week has just flown right by, this time next week my holidays will be officially over and I will be back to Uni on the Monday. I plan on scheduling posts and writing them in my spare time or whilst procrastinating, I am only part time this semester so I should be able to continue my resolution of posting at least twice a week! Back to the things I have been loving this week though..

I have managed to have this nail polish on my nails for practically the whole week, they really only started chipping at work on Friday and I think I applied it last Sunday or Monday, which has to almost be a record for me. I am the worst when it comes to nail polish, I usually chip them straight away or definitely by the next day even with a base coat and top coat. I have quite a few of these nail polishes by Covergirl and they all seem to be similar quality, shiny and chip free for a long time. I picked this one up during a Kmart sale for only $2 AU but they are relatively inexpensive at $6.95 AU compared to other similar quality brands. I have been meaning to feature this polish and two other Covergirl ones I got in the sale on my blog, but I have been waiting for the display nail sticks rather than shoddily painting my own short stubby nails. I really love this nail polish colour, it is shade 225 Perfect Penny, which is a shimmery copper/bronze colour and looks quite luxurious, not tacky at all. It is opaque almost in 1 coat but I use 2 just to be on the safe side.

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

This is only a new addition to my skincare collection, but so far I have been loving using this. I wake up with clearer skin and softer, with less dry or flaky patches. I only use this once a night or once every other night and that seems to be working well for me. I look forward to seeing how this works with my skin after a longer period of use. This retails for $19.95 AU and you can currently purchases a limited edition bottle in Priceline, which supports the McGrath Foundation.

Maybelline New York Masterliner

I bought this a fair while ago but never opened it, I have been struggling finding a lasting eyeliner and opened up this recently to test it out. I have been loving it ever since, this cream pencil lasts a lot longer than my regular pencil and it seems to go on straighter than my pencil even though the nub is thicker. Maybe thick is the key? It is a little bit too thick for a cat eye/flick however so I still have to use a normal pencil, rather than this mechanical cream pencil for that. This retails for $12.50 AU but you can usually grab it on a Maybelline wide sale in stores. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I have two samples of this Benefit mascara, from beauty boxes, and this comes in a 3g size as a deluxe sample. The full size retails for $38 AU which is a shame as it is listed as only $23 US on the Benefit website, I understand the price differences due to the market but a whole $15 difference is a lot to swallow. Such a shame as well as I think this is a fantastic mascara, and it has a huge cult following that would agree with me. This coats my lashes well with one swipe and creates what I like to call, babydoll looking lashes. Those big long lashes that make your eyes look huge by thickening the lashes, making them longer and separating them. This mascara does not budge and manages to last me all day without flaking or rubbing off. 

Love Liz xx

Friday, February 14, 2014

Latest Addition to My Skincare Routine

So yesterday I purchased the Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil (Limited Edition McGrath) to help out my skin. I love facial oils (I usually use the Clarins Lotus Oil which is lovely and has helped balance out my skin) and after hearing Kate rave about the Trilogy Rosehip Oil here, and also in one of her budget skincare videos, I knew I had to try it out.

I went into Priceline and I was originally after the Trilogy Rosehip Oil but the only size they had was the large one and as my skin can be sensitive to new products I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that could potentially worsen my skin condition. I looked around for a smaller bottle of rosehip oil and found this one by Sukin, it is a limited edition bottle that supports the McGrath Foundation which:
Raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia, as well as increasing breast awareness in young Australian women. 
The packaging on the Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil states that:
Sukin is donating AUD$20,000 from the sale of specifically marked Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil to the McGrath Foundation. You can join Sukin in supporting this iconic Australian charity by purchasing specifically marked Rose Hip Oil products from pharmacies and heath food stores throughout Australia. 

While my intention wasn't to buy a product supporting the McGrath Foundation it is nice to know that I am purchasing a product made by a company that supports such charities.

So far I have only used this a few times but I have been loving the effects, my skin feels more moisturised and less congested after use. It smells a little strange but it sinks in the skin quickly and by that time the smell has disappeared. I am hoping that it will live up to its claims of soothing skin conditions, but so far this product seems great. It comes with an inbuilt dropper to dispense the 2-3 drops you need per use, this should last a fairly long time. I purchased this at Priceline for $19.95 AU.

Have you tried Rose Hip Oil before?

Love Liz xx

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Storage Ideas

Hey Guys

So this is a follow up on my previous organisation post which you can find here. I have purchased a few bits and pieces to keep my makeup all stored and looking lovely, I have yet to purchase a dresser though so in the meantime it is still kept on my coffee table *sad face*. Most of it comes from a new range in Kmart which is really cheap and affordable but there is also a few bits from Ikea. 

Homemaker Medium Cosmetic Organiser

I purchased this for $7 from Kmart (sorry but it doesn't seem to be online) and it is the perfect size to fit my foundations, foundations, mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks/lipglosses, and it can even hold my nail base and top coat polishes. Obviously it can't hold all of my products but it is perfect for holding the current things I am enjoying. I kept an old Beauty Bay box for holding the rest of my (currently unloved forgotten about) makeup, I plan on switching up the products every so often so I am not always using the same products. Obviously this does not hold all my products that I use at the moment so this is why I purchased my next item... 

Homemaker 3 Drawer Organiser

I purchased this for $9 at Kmart and it could really be used for anything and everything, granted that it fits in the small drawers. I figured this would be perfect for holding my blush and eye makeup that couldn't fit in the cosmetic organiser. In the top drawer holds my blush and a bronzer, second drawer is my Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow and a Maxfactor single eye shadow, and in the bottom drawer is my Pixi Eye Shadow Palette. 

Homemaker Single Cube Organiser

This is just a little $5 cube I picked up to store my makeup remover pads and cotton balls in. I really like the plastic ball on top that looks quite cute. 

Ikea SKURAR Plant Pot

This is a pot plant that many bloggers use to store their makeup brushes, I couldn't resist the hype as I just thought this was so cute. I picked up two and this is massive so I really only need one for my brushes currently but I will keep flowers in the other or keep it for more makeup brushes in the future! I need to fill the bottom of this so that the makeup brushes sit up out of the top of it, I am thinking of putting coffee beans in the bottom which is an idea I got off Pinterest a while ago (similar post here). I am unsure about this, I love the smell of coffee but I am not sure how often they will need to be replaced, but I might just try it out anyway and just use rice if it doesn't work out. 

I still need to find storage for my skincare items, they are currently residing in the bottom half of a box, so any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

Love Liz xx

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