Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Loves #04

Another week has just flown right by, this time next week my holidays will be officially over and I will be back to Uni on the Monday. I plan on scheduling posts and writing them in my spare time or whilst procrastinating, I am only part time this semester so I should be able to continue my resolution of posting at least twice a week! Back to the things I have been loving this week though..

I have managed to have this nail polish on my nails for practically the whole week, they really only started chipping at work on Friday and I think I applied it last Sunday or Monday, which has to almost be a record for me. I am the worst when it comes to nail polish, I usually chip them straight away or definitely by the next day even with a base coat and top coat. I have quite a few of these nail polishes by Covergirl and they all seem to be similar quality, shiny and chip free for a long time. I picked this one up during a Kmart sale for only $2 AU but they are relatively inexpensive at $6.95 AU compared to other similar quality brands. I have been meaning to feature this polish and two other Covergirl ones I got in the sale on my blog, but I have been waiting for the display nail sticks rather than shoddily painting my own short stubby nails. I really love this nail polish colour, it is shade 225 Perfect Penny, which is a shimmery copper/bronze colour and looks quite luxurious, not tacky at all. It is opaque almost in 1 coat but I use 2 just to be on the safe side.

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

This is only a new addition to my skincare collection, but so far I have been loving using this. I wake up with clearer skin and softer, with less dry or flaky patches. I only use this once a night or once every other night and that seems to be working well for me. I look forward to seeing how this works with my skin after a longer period of use. This retails for $19.95 AU and you can currently purchases a limited edition bottle in Priceline, which supports the McGrath Foundation.

Maybelline New York Masterliner

I bought this a fair while ago but never opened it, I have been struggling finding a lasting eyeliner and opened up this recently to test it out. I have been loving it ever since, this cream pencil lasts a lot longer than my regular pencil and it seems to go on straighter than my pencil even though the nub is thicker. Maybe thick is the key? It is a little bit too thick for a cat eye/flick however so I still have to use a normal pencil, rather than this mechanical cream pencil for that. This retails for $12.50 AU but you can usually grab it on a Maybelline wide sale in stores. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I have two samples of this Benefit mascara, from beauty boxes, and this comes in a 3g size as a deluxe sample. The full size retails for $38 AU which is a shame as it is listed as only $23 US on the Benefit website, I understand the price differences due to the market but a whole $15 difference is a lot to swallow. Such a shame as well as I think this is a fantastic mascara, and it has a huge cult following that would agree with me. This coats my lashes well with one swipe and creates what I like to call, babydoll looking lashes. Those big long lashes that make your eyes look huge by thickening the lashes, making them longer and separating them. This mascara does not budge and manages to last me all day without flaking or rubbing off. 

Love Liz xx

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