Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to School

Ok well its not quite school, I am completing my fifth and final year in my University degree this year. I am absolutely terrified, I have little to no idea what the real world is going to be like, I went from 8 years in primary school to completing another 5 years in High School, I then jumped straight into University, which will add on another 5 years once I have finished. I have been in an educational environment since I was 4/5 years old, so around 18 years at  the end of this year. In one way I feel like it will be a nice change, I will still be learning plenty of new things but I will have a lot more responsibility and be relied upon by people other than friends and family.

This year I am only studying part time to finish my degree, which I am quite glad of as looking at my course outlines for this semester I will be in for a jam packed time with lots of assignments, tutorials, group projects and even court dates. I still need to work as well to ensure I can support myself, particularly seeing as my partner and I are about to sign a 6 month lease agreement which is very exciting. I am looking forward to making a part of my house that is dedicated soley to studying, I have far too many distractions in my house (mainly my computer with all the blogs I love to read) so this is necessary to ensure I get heaps of my work done on time. 

I do still really hope to get enough blog posts done as I love writing them and sharing my thoughts with other people. I feel like I can come out of my shell and talk to you guys, where as I am not so great at doing that in person. But I am going to have to prepare myself for my future career where I will need to be talkng to a lot of strangers, preferably without getting so nervous that I stammer. I may have to schedule a lot of future posts so that in times of assessment I am not worrying about having nothing to post about. 

Well I am writing this as I am on the train making my way to the campus for my first lecture. I will probably edit this at home and double check it all as blogging from my phone is not ideal. 

I just wanted to get some things off my chest as I was nervous about this year and what it may bring, but I feel like I can do it and I can be more confident and willing to participate. Thank you for reading this, if you managed to get the whole way through.

Love Liz xx

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