Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Storage Ideas

Hey Guys

So this is a follow up on my previous organisation post which you can find here. I have purchased a few bits and pieces to keep my makeup all stored and looking lovely, I have yet to purchase a dresser though so in the meantime it is still kept on my coffee table *sad face*. Most of it comes from a new range in Kmart which is really cheap and affordable but there is also a few bits from Ikea. 

Homemaker Medium Cosmetic Organiser

I purchased this for $7 from Kmart (sorry but it doesn't seem to be online) and it is the perfect size to fit my foundations, foundations, mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks/lipglosses, and it can even hold my nail base and top coat polishes. Obviously it can't hold all of my products but it is perfect for holding the current things I am enjoying. I kept an old Beauty Bay box for holding the rest of my (currently unloved forgotten about) makeup, I plan on switching up the products every so often so I am not always using the same products. Obviously this does not hold all my products that I use at the moment so this is why I purchased my next item... 

Homemaker 3 Drawer Organiser

I purchased this for $9 at Kmart and it could really be used for anything and everything, granted that it fits in the small drawers. I figured this would be perfect for holding my blush and eye makeup that couldn't fit in the cosmetic organiser. In the top drawer holds my blush and a bronzer, second drawer is my Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow and a Maxfactor single eye shadow, and in the bottom drawer is my Pixi Eye Shadow Palette. 

Homemaker Single Cube Organiser

This is just a little $5 cube I picked up to store my makeup remover pads and cotton balls in. I really like the plastic ball on top that looks quite cute. 

Ikea SKURAR Plant Pot

This is a pot plant that many bloggers use to store their makeup brushes, I couldn't resist the hype as I just thought this was so cute. I picked up two and this is massive so I really only need one for my brushes currently but I will keep flowers in the other or keep it for more makeup brushes in the future! I need to fill the bottom of this so that the makeup brushes sit up out of the top of it, I am thinking of putting coffee beans in the bottom which is an idea I got off Pinterest a while ago (similar post here). I am unsure about this, I love the smell of coffee but I am not sure how often they will need to be replaced, but I might just try it out anyway and just use rice if it doesn't work out. 

I still need to find storage for my skincare items, they are currently residing in the bottom half of a box, so any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

Love Liz xx

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