Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Current Skincare Saviours

Hey Everyone

I wanted to share with you today the current products that I am using in my skincare routine. I am absolutely terrible when it comes to skincare and I can barely ever stick to just one routine, I am always changing and switching my products. I have tried to stick to a fairly routine as of late to sort out my skin issues and so far so good. I had hormonal flare ups as per usual but my skin looks like it is calming down. I do not want you to think that I am recommending these products for you, I just wanted to share what I am using as everyone skin is different and some things that may work for me will not always work for someone else.

I have been mainly trying to cleanse, tone, moisture and then at night switch out my moisturiser for a treatment. I do often use a mask once or twice a week if I can remember (I have been terrible lately), and on occasion I will use a face brush to cleanse if I have not exfoliated lately. I have a lot of products that have a large hype regarding them, like Alpha H Liquid GoldClarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil and La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo but I have not found these to be as amazing as I had expected. Something has been breaking out my skin and in order to find out what I plan on using my old system and then slowly adding in new products to see if they are helpful or hurtful to my skin.


Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

I mentioned this a while ago in a post when I purchased this for 40% off the RRP at a Priceline sale. This is my second bottle of this cleanser and I love it, I did purchase a foaming cleanser from La Roche-Posay, until I realised that foaming cleansers are terrible for oily skin as they strip the skin completely and make it dehydrated (Thank you Caroline). This cleanser does foam up quite well but does not leave my face feeling dry or tight, just clean. It is also great to use with a facial brush as it foams up just enough. This is aimed at oily and acne prone skin so I find it works better at keeping skin clean and clear over a cleanser aimed at normal skin types. This retails for $27.99 AU for 200ml.


Mario Badescu Skincare Special Cucumber Lotion

This toner by Mario Badescu is aimed at acne prone skin and claims the benefits are:
Refreshing, disinfecting and deep cleaning astringent that is effective in drying up existing acne blemishes while preventing new eruptions. Sulfur and soothing Cucumber based, acne fighting formula that is non-drying and non-irritating. 
Overall I think this is a good toner, it does sting a fair bit if you have any open blemishes but otherwise it does not seem to be irritating or drying. I have been using this for a few months now and I am barely a quarter through the bottle, it wasn't cheap at $24.30 AU on BeautyBay but I think this will last me quite as well so it is worth it.


Nivea Mattifying Gel Cream

This is my second tube of this moisturiser, its not a favourite of mine so I am not sure why I keep going back to it. I need to do more research for moisturisers that will not make oily skin any oilier. I think this does keep my oily skin in check but it is just not all that fantastic, I am looking for something more! That is very vague of me, this is a decent moisturiser for the price, I just want something that feels like it is doing more for my skin. But this does not break me out so in the meantime that is all I am looking for. This retails for $9.99 AU and can be found in most stores that sell skincare, typically on sale as well (it is $7 at Priceline now!)


Benzac AC Water Based Acne Gel 5%

This is a spot treatment gel that contains 5% benzoyl peroxide. This is a fairly intensive acne treatment, I was recommended to use this by a dermatologist when I was in High School. My skin did clear up after using these products and some antibiotics. My skin has since declined but I decided that I should try using these products again, I was hesitant at first as they are very strong, but after trying almost everything else I was left with little choice. You have to be careful when using this as it stains everything, sheets, pillows, towels and anything else your face will touch so be very careful!!! I am hoping not to be using this for too long but its nice to have to go back to if my skin ever gets uncontrollable again. This retails for $15.99 AU at most chemists.

What does your skincare routine consist of?

Love Liz xx

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