Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gift With Purchase - Magazine Subscription

So for my Christmas present I asked my brother to get me a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine, I had seen an advertisement that the subscription came with a random bunch of cosmetics, apparel and accessories. I thought a magazine subscription would be a great idea for me as I stopped buying magazines a long time ago as the price just kept creeping up and up. The subscription was around $60 on sale, you can currently get 12 issues for $74.95 here, this is a much better price than buying them all separately.  Onto the things I received..

I am not sure if I have found the exact eyeliner online as the online version is packaged in white while the eyeliner I received is all black. I received the shade 01 Black which is my preferred shade as I have dark eyes and hair and prefer the dramatic look of dark eyeliner. I have actually received this eyeliner before, more like 4 of them. These are given out like crazy in a lot of the show bags at the Perth Royal Show. I do like this eyeliner, it is pigmented, long lasting and contains an inbuilt sharpener. It does feel a bit cheaply made and is nothing special, but I am happy to have received this.

I have never really heard anything about the Kerastase Paris products, other than I knew they were sold on adorebeauty. Turns out it is a company owned by Loreal Paris, this can be considered as a higher end brand however as the products retail for over $35 AU whilst Loreal hair care starts at around $10 AU. I received the products from the RÉSISTANCE range which reinforces weakened, damaged or fine hair from the inside, which is actually perfect for my damaged hair. I received the Fibre Architecture Renovating Dual Serum which is supposed to be non-greasy but reconstructing for brittle and damaged hair. I assume this is like a leave in treatment as it is expected to be used on dry hair after styling, and with no need to rinse it out. I also received the Ciment Thermique Heat-Activated Reconstructing Milk, which is a very strange product. From what I can work out, this is leave in milk for damaged and weak hair, which provides thermal protection from heat styling. This product range seems perfect for my hair so I look forward to trying it, I just hope I don't fall in love as from what I can tell it is quite expensive. 

I havent really heard anything from Nude Footwear before, but after looking online I can see that The Iconic is an online stockist of their products, there is no prices on the Nude Footwear website so it is hard to gauge what their products run for. This is a really nice clutch bag, it has textured brown material on the outside with gold leather flap and a gold chain inside. I love products with gold accents so I am sure I will get some use out of this bag. Sadly my eyeliner has already messed up this bag a little bit but hopefully its fixable!

I have sadly never heard of this brand before so it is nice to have something from a brand I am not familiar with included in this gift bag, I could not find the exact bracelet online but similar items were priced between $20 AU and possibly even up to $65 AU. They have really cute pieces though, I received multi coloured beads with a few sterling silver beads, a silver looking coin and an 'eye' with a little black card attached to the bracelet that says:
If the eye charm falls off, it has protected you from negative energy.
I think this is pretty cute and I have to remember to actually put it on and wear it, I am happy it is mainly the multi coloured stone beads than sterling silver as I typically wear only gold jewellery but I should be able to get away with wearing this and my usual gold stuff.  

I have seen these tights (or stockings as I like to call them) before in Myer, but never being a big fan of stockings I never bothered to purchase any as they are slightly out of my price range. I received 4 pairs, power tights, racy tights, fame tights, and dynamic tights, all in size B which is perfect for me. I cant find these exact ones online but they range from $13+ AU. 

I have heard of this brand before and I think it has some absolutely gorgeous clothing. I have not yet opened my dress as it came in a size large which is not the typical size I go for, I typically am a small or possibly a medium. I may have to re gift this which makes me sad and hence I have been avoiding opening it. I really hope the sizes run small! 

Overall I have been really impressed with this gift with purchase, I would of been happy with just the magazines to be honest but this is a lovely extra!

Love Liz xx

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