Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

This is in no means a new product for me, I have owned Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray for a couple years now as it was a birthday gift from my best friend. It originally came in a pack with I believe a shower gel and shimmer body lotion, however I have since misplaced these so I cannot be 100% accurate.

I had wanted this perfume for a long time before I received it, I think the first time I used it was in the duty free lounge at the airport on a trip to Bali, I was only young so I couldn't afford it. But my friend knew how much I wanted it and bought it for me one year, for which I am so grateful as it has remained my most loved perfume ever since. Daisy was the first in a huge range of beautiful designed bottles and smells, which includes Daisy Eau So Fresh, Lola, Dot, and Honey. My mum owns Dot and it also looks absolutely incredible, and smells amazing. I would like to eventually own them all (maybe minus Lola as I just have never really liked the smell) but in the meantime I will be ever so happy to keep applying Daisy.

Daisy is described as:
Fresh and feminine, Daisy is a playful bright and alluring scent. Daisy captivates with the luscious freshness of wild strawberry, then blooms with the modern vintage edge of velvety petals and finishes with a luminous blend of gardenia and jasmine. The white accords of birch and cedarwood add intensity. 

I find that this scent lasts a long time on my skin, but it does dull down after an hour or two to the point of where I cannot smell it on myself but other people can. I really do love this scent and if I ever finish this bottle I would definitely repurchase it.

Love Liz xx

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