Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Minis #01

As I previously mentioned, I am trying to use up the products that I already own rather than filling up my large stash of products. This includes using up the many samples I have accumulated thanks to online shopping and beauty box subscriptions. I wanted to do some mini reviews on the products I am 'sampling' at the moment, so here we go.

I couldn't actually find anything else about this online on the Avène website, until I just googled the product and found out it is called the Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion, this is quite annoying as it seems a little misleading about the product. But besides that I have been loving this sample and would definitely consider purchasing the full size which is 40ml for $24.99 AU compared to the 5ml in the sample. This is designed to be oil regulating, anti shine, oil free and non-comedogenic which is only good things for my skin. 

This primer retails for $29.95 for 15ml here in Australia, I have heard mixed reviews about this product so I appreciated a sample of 5ml that I received in one of my beauty boxes. This actually feels quite nice on my skin and not the strange silicone feeling I was expecting. This does a fairly decent job of keeping my makeup in place all day, I do have to put on some powder after a few hours. To be honest though I would rather spend the extra few dollars and buy myself the Clarins primer as I have a lot of faith in that brand. 

I have mentioned in my latest weekly loves post about this mascara, this is a 3g sample size that I have two of, fortunate for me as the full size retails for $38 AU in Myer. I really love this mascara as it gives me big babydoll eyelashes without flaking or clumping. I think I would rather spend the money on something else and instead try and find a dupe for it, anyone have any ideas?

Love Liz xx

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