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Priceline Skincare Haul

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So between the 26th December to 1st January 2014 (how strange is it to write that) Priceline have had a Pink Dot Sale, this includes a whopping 40% of Skincare valid sadly only between the 26th-28th December. I had received a Priceline gift card amongst my many presents (spoilt this year, thank you everyone) and was planning on buying online but did not realise that it could only be used in store. I was going to the movies based in the shopping centre so after the movie (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, highly enjoyed watching this!) I rushed into Priceline praying that they still had some of the items I was after. Thankfully they did and as per usual I did end up spending more than I had planned. So here is a quick look at my skincare haul!

My Priceline Skincare Haul

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

I purchased this in both the 50g and 300g size, the 300g size is better value for money but I like to carry this around in my makeup bag and the larger size is just all kinds of inconvenient. I love this water and the fact that it has so many usages, I originally received it in a Lust Have It! box. I use this to set my makeup and refresh it during the day as well as to just cool my face down during a hot day or just to help take off my makeup at the end of a long day. I probably prefer this bottle to my Avène one as it costs less and I believe the La Roche-Posay have a better designed bottle. The 50g retails for $8.99 AUD but I paid $5.40 AUD, and the 300g bottle retails for $21.99 AUD but I paid $13.19 AUD.

L-R: La Roche-Posay 300g Thermal Water and La Roche-Posay 50g Thermal Water

Bioderma Sébium H2O Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution

I have been waiting to purchase this much raved about pre cleanse/makeup remover until it was a better price as I just wasn't willing to part with $29.99 AUD for a 250ml bottle. I am excited to try this stuff out when my other makeup remover is finished with. I will be interested to see if its worth paying the extra for it, I did only end up paying $17.99 AUD for the bottle though.

Avène Cleanance K Cream-gel

I recently started reusing this cream gel after my skin took a turn for the worse, I had stopped using this for a while in favour of Alpha H Liquid Gold and Clarins Lotus Oil, but I found my (second) tube while organising my skincare and have been enjoying using this on my skin every other night, I am also plan to try using this during the day as well and see how my skin handles that. This is a strange cream gel that exfoliates using BHA's and AHA's but it does not dry out the skin and rather can be used instead of a moisturiser. When you first use this it does have a bit of a sting to it, particularly if you do not regularly use products that contain AHA's, but that soon goes away. I find that although this is strong it does calm down my skin rather than aggravate it and cause more problems. This retails for $24.99 AUD for 40ml but I purchased this for $14.99 AUD.

Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

I finished this bottle after a couple months of use, it is a pretty plain face wash but it does the job and is not irritating or drying at all. I was not going to repurchase this but after seeing it on special I could not resist! I like to have it as a last resort in case my skin goes haywire from new and strange products, I know that this will calm it down and keep it under control. The 200ml bottle retails for $27.99 but I purchased this for $16.80 which is a great price as this lasts forever!

Skin Doctors Oil Control Cleanser

I have quite oily skin so I thought a cleanser aimed at controlling oil would be beneficial for my skin. I have not really heard much about this brand but I have seen the T Zone line in catalogues and on the shelf before, I am interested in seeing how it performs. This 150ml bottle retails for $29.99 AUD but I purchased this for $17.99 AUD.

Skin Physics Derma Sonic Power Cleansing Brush for Face and Body

This probably the thing I was most excited for out of my purchases! It takes a whole 24 hours to charge before use so I am still waiting to use this baby. I have previously owned the Olay version of the cleansing brush which I did enjoy but it broke after a couple months use. I was interested in purchasing a more expensive model but just could not shell out the $150+ to purchase the much loved Clarisonic. This retails for $99.99 AUD in Priceline but looking on the website it is $149.00 plus shipping! I paid only $59.99 AUD for this which is much better than the $99.99 or the $149. I cannot wait to try this out tonight, just need to do a bit more research on best type of cleansers and all to use with it.

I cannot show you the actual brush as it is still charging sorry!

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

This was not a sale item but I had been meaning to purchase this for a while after seeing it on UK blogs, so I caved and put it in my shopping basket. I do not really need another lip balm but this claims intensely hydrate chapped lips, which mine have been lately. I like that this is in a tube rather than a tin, which is cute but inconvenient as I have been finding lately. This retails for $15.99 AUD.

So there is another one of my Priceline Haul's. Did you guys pick up anything during the sales? I am planning on uploading what I got for Christmas post but I just have to organise it all first for you. Hope you guys all had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Love Liz xx

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