Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just a Little Bit of Liz Project Pan

Hey Guys

I know that Project Pan is an idea that has been around for quite a while and I have seen many posts regarding it. I have decided to try and participate in my own kind of project pan, mainly as this year is going to be quite money tight for me and so I wont have a lot of extra money to put towards my beauty spending habits. Ultimately I don't think I really need to purchase a tonne of makeup this year as I have a lot of current makeup that I need to use up. I think I have around ten open foundations which I think is crazy as two years ago I think I may have had one or two. 

I find it really hard to actually use up my beauty products, I have so many that I can use a different product every day and be fine for quite a while. I at least would like to try and use up some of my foundations and eye shadows, and then get better at using up things like blush which I have a million of and I don't think any of them are close to hitting pan! For my project pan I am not setting a limit on how many items I want to use up as I know that I would struggle to use up many products. 

As a result of my limited spending you will probably mainly see posts such as empties, reviews of things I already own and recently rediscovered type posts. I will try to be creative and think of some new kinds of posts to keep you guys interested. 

Have you ever been involved in project pan? 

Love Liz xx


  1. My makeup collection definitely isn't close to as big as yours, but I have noticed the spending becoming a hobby. I'm sort of doing the project pan thing as well as I am now trying to finish one product before buying a new one. Always struggle with lipsticks and nail polishes though! I always convince myself that I need a specific shade.

    Good luck!


    1. I always just purchase items on a whim and they turn out to be not for me or just poor quality! I need to do research before purchasing things and definitely only purchase it if I actually need it and have nothing like it. Lipsticks and nail polishes are a struggle! There are just so many options and they are all so very different :P
      Love Liz xx



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