Friday, June 14, 2013

New Beginnings

First Post

A big hello to anyone reading this!!

Let me introduce myself to begin with, My name is Liz. I am 20 (almost 21!) and I live south of Perth in Western Australia, currently living with my boyfriend and his family but we have plans to move out as soon as he has a stable job. I am a full time student studying Law, and I also work casually at a large department store. The other most important thing about me is that I love all things beauty related, my bathroom cabinet and under my bed is full of products that I have hoarded (bad liz). 

I am currently on my winter break and was beginning to get a little bored of sitting around the house all day. Hence why I am writing this blog write now. I have been obsessed with beauty blogs for quite a while and check my Bloglovin account almost hourly! I recommend joining if you haven't already, unless of course you don't have a lot of spare time because watch out you will get hooked.

I plan to focus this blog on beauty and skincare products, with updates of my monthly Lust Have It! box, and occasionally other things that take my fancy. 

Liz xx

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