Thursday, August 15, 2013

Priceline (50% off Maybelline) Haul

Hello Everybody

I have been doing an imense amount of spending so my card will be on a serious budget for a while. Today was the start of a new priceline catalogue which contained the gigantic special of 50% off ALL Maybelline products. I had already eyed up my catalogue and new that I wanted another 24 Hour Color Tattoo (I recently acquired Bad to the Bronze and have subsequently fallen hard). That was all I really planned to get along with some more hair,skin & nails vitamins. However that was not what happened. 

I will be reviewing some of the above products in another post, once I have thoroughly tested them out of course! In the meantime I can share a shopping trip I did when I went to Myer in Perth! 

Love Liz xx

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