Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush

Hey Guys

I wanted to share with you this lovely innovative blush created by Daniel Sandler which is called the Watercolour Fluid Blush. This blush is amazing, you need one tiny drop to do a whole cheek, I believe that this bottle (as long as it doesn't spoil) will last me a lifetime. Daniel says -
I chose a silicone based oil free formulation as it doesn't clog pores and suits every skin type. The silicone makes it virtually rub-off proof plus water-resistant. Lifts all skin types with an instant radiance. This is a liquid blush that is simple to blend and build up colour. 

I had heard really good things about these blushes and was intrigued to try them out for myself. At $30 they aren't exactly the cheapest blush but I found them on sale on ASOS a while back and could not resist finally trying them. I am so glad that I did. I was originally concerned that the blush would sit on top of my oily skin and rub away which is what I find with most cream formulas.

 However I find that this formula blends down to an almost powder finish, or it just blends in really well and doesn't feel like it is just sitting on top of my foundation and powder. I use my fingers to blend this blush in as I find that you do not have a long time to blend it in before it sets and the brushes I own are not effective at blending it in time. You do also have to shake the product before you use it as it can separate. 

Blended Swatch of Cherub
I picked up the shade Cherub (their number one best seller) which is described as 'a delicate sheer, pastel pink that's perfect for fair/medium skin tones that the daintiest, youthful flush of colour.' There is a large range of colours to choose from however.

The only small issue I have with this blush is that it is huge! I would have much preferred buying a smaller one, an option which is offered on the Daniel Sandler website but not on ASOS sadly!

Have you tried anything from Daniel Sandler?

Love Liz xx

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