Sunday, March 22, 2015

February Favourites

Hey Guys

I am so sorry I have been a bit absent from my blog. This post is about 3 weeks late but I figured I should post it regardless! My life has been taken over with tests and assignments and it has just been a little crazy. Which is why I want to try and dedicate some time to my blog so that I can have my own little escape from reality! 

February went by so quickly, I started College and it just flew by, I can't believe I am practically half way through my course, which means all of the assessments are about to become a lot more difficult and more frequently due :( 

Makeup wise I have only been wearing makeup once or twice a week when I go to work or catch up with friends. I have my firm favourites however which I stuck to during February. 

Bad to the Bronze is my go to eyeshadow if I need something that will last all day and is super easy to do, one swipe over the lids and blended and my eyes look fantastic! Highly recommend these color tattoo's if you are looking for something easy that looks great. These retail for $11.95AU.

Sadly this cant be bought instore in Australia, I purchased mine off ASOS where it retails for around $15.50 AU but can often be found on sale. I really love this bronzing powder, it is a great colour that warms up my skin and if I am feeling lazy I will use it for a little bit of contour as well. This smells like cocoa as well which I think is great, you can't tell once it is on your skin though, just in the pan.

I have three of these lip lacquers but I think that my favourite shade would be celestial which is a lovely deep but soft pink shade. The new matte versions are now out but honestly I think that they would not work for me, my lips are super dry and I can even find these drying on my lips sometimes. This formula lasts a long time on my lips, a bit shorter with eating and drinking but better than most other formulas I own. These retail for $15.95 AU. 

I think this is honestly my favourite brow product. I have the shade 02 Brown which is slightly dark and red for me but because I dye my hair it works. My left brow has quite a few patches of hair missing and this just helps fill in those gaps. This retails for $3.05 AU and is an absolute steal if you can find a shade match.

I am so sorry if I have gone on and on about this product but I absolutely adore it. I have been using this practically every time I wear makeup to set and finish my makeup but I have barely made a dent in this. I own two shades, soft focus and photo ready. Soft focus is not listed on the website and is a similar colour to photo ready but not exactly the same. I prefer soft focus as I find it gives a glow to my makeup like I have been airbrushed. I definitely recommend picking this up, it retails for $16.99 AU but will be on sale in next weeks Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale. Run don't walk. 

This was everything I really loved in February. Sorry it was so late! I will try to be better with my March Favourites :)

Love Liz xx

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  1. Better late than never heehee! That reminds me, I have a couple of lip lacquers that I haven't worn since last year! I should bust them out again!
    xx Kat @ Katness



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