Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some Lip Love

Hey my very patient lovelies

It has been so long and I am extremely apologetic about that, I have been putting my time towards studying for my super important exams, I really need to pass my units in order to finish on time! But I finished my last exam today and have a month off before next semester begins. I will be up to some shopping on my break so look out for some haul posts.

Anyways today I wanted to share with you a few of my latest lip products from a brand that has been upping their game.. I present to you ChapStick! I had forgotten about ChapSticks in favour of my Lanolips (which still has a place in my heart) but recently they have been all over Instagram and I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Priceline had a buy 2 and receive 30% off offer so I took advantage and picked up two items I had been lusting for, ChapStick Day & Night and ChapStick Mixstix. 

ChapStick Day & Night is designed to give you 24 hour moisture through the use of two different tubes. One is the day formula which contains aloe vera and vitamin E with SPF 15. The night one is a repair lip treatment. I really like the idea of two different formulas for different times of the day. There is no need for SPF at night and you can really use a thicker moisturiser formula at night. This retails for $7.99 AU at Priceline.

ChapSticks Mixstix is a limited edition twin lip balm mix which contains two sticks with two ends on each so ultimately you get four different flavones. One stick contains Strawberry Banana Smoothie which is one side strawberry and one side banana, the other stick is Lemon Berry Sorbet with one side lemon the other side berry. The idea is that you can mix the sides to get different flavours. The packaging feels a bit cheap and flimsy but I really like this idea and suggest you get your hands on this ASAP before it's too late! I can't find the price of these online but I believe it was around $7-8. 

The other thing I am dying to get my hands on from ChapStick is their soon to be released Cake Batter ChapStick. It is in their All Things Sweet collectible tins which I will be picking up as soon as they reply to my message about where they are stocked near me!

Have you been loving ChapStick as much as I have? 

Love Liz xx


  1. I'm loving the lemon berry sorbet, not so much the banana strawberry smoothie. Ooooo let me know when you find out where you can get the cake batter Chapstick. ��

    1. Yes I am much preferring lemon berry over strawberry banana, not a huge fan of banana scented things! Will do, I am so very excited to try out Cake Batter, sounds so yummy. I hope they reply soon otherwise I will be scoping out the shops tomorrow after work ;)
      Love Liz xx

  2. If you call the Woolworths customer service line they will be able to tell you the stores that have the lip kits in stock. Ask for the Chapstick lip kit with hangsell, that's what it's called on their computer.



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