Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Priceline Haul with 2014 Skincare Goodybag

Hey Lovelies

I have done a bit of damage to my wallet lately and one decent dent was my (not so recent) Priceline purchases. Priceline do a range of goody bags at certain times of the year, usually one cosmetic, hair are and skincare. The last goody bag was the cosmetic bag which I skipped as there wasn't a whole lot I wanted in it. The skincare bag came up though and considering I was running low on skincare I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to replenish my stash. The deal required you to spend $65 on selected skincare in order to receive the free gift, I purchased mine online and ended up spending $100 to get free postage.


I picked this cleanser up as a first cleanser for the nights that I double cleanse. I am not a huge oil fan so a cream cleanser seemed appealing and this one from SUKIN is sulphate and paraben free as well as suitable for all skin types. I purchased this for $7.99 for 125ml.

Lately my eye area has been really dry and concealer has not been going on well which is horrible because I have been in desperate need of concealer. I often forget to apply eye cream but my current eye cream has SPF in it which makes it more day than night. This 30ml serum cost $15.99. 

My current clay mask has all but run out so I picked up this thermal detox mask as a replacement. I have some high hopes for this mask as I have seen heaps of people on Instagram using it. I also like the fact that it is a warming mask, I have tried at home cooling masks but nothing that heats up! This mask cost $15.99 for 100ml.

If you have not used this brand's face masks before then you are missing out. The little single use packs were popular among sleepovers back in the day. I couldn't help but add one of these masks to my cart. This 80ml mask cost $7.19.

Palmer's Eventone Fade Cream

This was something extra to add to my purchase in order to spend the $65 on skincare.  I mainly picked this up as I saw it contained Alpha Hydroxy which is somewhat effective at reducing pigmentation. Unfortunately my skin gets hyper pigmentation from the majority of spots I get so I am hoping that with continued use this cream will lighten the pigmentation. This 75g tub cost $13.59.


Schwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Omega Repair Intensive Mask

I have just used up my Loreal hair mask which I was not all that impressed with so I decided to pick up another one which was on sale. This masks suits my current hair condition, damaged/depleted hair. This cost $11.99 for 200ml. 

Schwarzkopf Nectra Colour 

My hair is still partly ombre from my bleached ends not adhering to hair dye so I have picked up this hair dye in order to get my hair to be all one colour again! This was new and I am always intrigued by new hair dye, I have tried a lot of differnent ones. I picked up Chocolate Brown for $12.79.


Essence Longlasting Lipstick

I picked this up mainly just because it was cheap and I wanted to make up the $100 for free shipping. I grabbed this in shade 07 Natural Beauty which is a lovely muted pink shade. Absolutely gorgeous and only retails for $4.10.

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow

I have talked about this previously here, so I wont go on about it. Mainly I just needed a back up as I have already hit pan on my other one! This retails for $5.35 and is shade 05 To Die For. 

Chapstick Day and Night 

Purchased a back up as I absolutely adore the Night Repair Lip Treatment in this kit. Was on sale for $6.39.

Skincare Goody Bag

I tried to get everything in one photo and it was a bit impossible. Also this came with a silver tote bag with a zip which I forgot to photograph as I am in the process of moving and it has things in it! Sorry

For reference this was everything that would not fit in one normal photo!

Love Liz xx


  1. How good was the goody bag? So many great products :)

    1. So glad I didnt skip it, so much I wanted in it. And thanks for the follow :)



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