Monday, March 17, 2014

The Minis #03

This is a little sample sachet (which I typically hate as they are only ever enough for one use or if there is extra then it will dry up and be unusable regardless) of Dermalogica's precleanse which is as it suggests a precleanse solution to be used in order to get the best from your cleanser. The idea is that you use this product first and add water and it emulsifies into a milky cleanser that gets rid of the first layer of debris and always your second cleanser to further penetrate your skin, giving a deeper clean. I like this product but the small sample leaves me unsure of whether this has helped clean my skin or whether it just works like any other double cleansing product. I do regard Dermalogica as a really great skincare brand so I do believe that this is a good product, I just did not have enough of a chance to use it.

This is a deep cleansing clay masque which aims to:
Purify, lift surface impurities and wick away excess oils that can trigger congestion and enlarge pores. Refreshing and calming formula refines without over-drying for smoother skin texture.
This is probably the perfect masque for my skin as I am always in need of a good clay cleanser. This is only a small sample but I have enough for one good use. This was quite nice on my skin, a little tightening once dry but nothing too uncomfortable. My skin looked good the next day but it is difficult to tell if that was just from the masque, I would need more than one application to tell if it was worth it to purchase the full size. 

This sounds like a good moisturiser for my skin, it is aimed at normal to combination skin and has a mattifying effect of 72%, not sure how they can be so exact but I trust it! This feels quite nice on my skin and does keep my the excess oil at bay, if the full size wasn't so expensive ($49.99 AU for 40ml) I would consider purchasing it.

I only received a tiny 3ml sample of this, but after researching it I found out that you have to add water to this and emulsify it before use, which makes the 3ml seem like it will last a little bit longer. I am in desperate need of more moisture in my hair (I am really dying to chop it all off but I just haven't made the final decision yet) so this is a welcomed sample. This is nice, but only a temporary fix for my dead ends. It would probably be more suited for someone with dry ends not severely damaged like myself.

Love Liz xx

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  1. I always find it difficult to use the sample packages too. I tend to only use a bit of them and then forget them. Maybe I should use them all up in one go. Love the posts Liz, keep them coming!



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