Friday, March 21, 2014

Empties #01

I finally have used up a few of my products so I can share with you a quick review of the empty products which are all makeup products bar one haircare.

I received this 50ml bottle of Argan Oil in a Lust Have It! box a while back, and I have used this product up a long time ago. It actually started leaking when I received it in the box but never bothered to email the Lust Have It! team about it, so it continued to leak the rest of the time I had it. I liked this product, it smelt quite nice and was a little bit heavy on my hair but I felt like it was doing some good so I did not mind. Sadly my hair is beyond repair so this didn't fix my dead ends, but I am sure if you hair is not bleached to death then this will do your hair some good! 50ml is the full size and it retails on the Davroe website for $23.95 AU.

I purchased this off eBay a really long time ago, I haven't actually used up this product but it needs to be thrown out before I get an icky eye infection. I actually really like this mascara, it was simple and plumped up my lashes making them both longer and thicker. It wasn't waterproof which is what I prefer, it lasted all day and did not clump. I think I purchased this for around $7 off eBay and I would definitely purchase this again for a cheap mascara, but I think there are better mascaras out their.

I purchased this concealer a while ago in a 50% off Maybelline sale. I typically prefer cream concealer over liquid so I am not really sure why I picked this up. I purchased this in shade cream which was too dark to use under my eyes but was good on blemishes and discolourations. As far as liquid concealers go this is quite long lasting and pigmented, however I still prefer to use cream concealers. This retails for $14.95 AU.

This is probably my favourite low end foundation, I had tried not to repurchase it and see what else is out there but I could not resist repurchasing it. This old one is in shade 180 Sand Beige which is a winter shade for me but possibly still a bit light, so this time I purchased shade 220. The old version was great but did not come with a pump, they have since added a pump in which I couldn't be happier about. This retails for $34.95 AU and comes in a large range of shades and also a normal/dry skin formula.

Loreal Blush

I cant find this blush online as it is actually so old! I received this a few years ago as part of a Christmas gift and it was probably the first blush I ever had. It was in shade 114 Fresh Papaya which is a lovely coral shade with small shimmer particles. It also came with a brush that fits inside the compact and also contains a small mirror. I really wish they still had this blush (I also own another one in a more plum shade) as I think its a great blush and had a reasonable wear time.

Love Liz xx

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