Monday, May 26, 2014

A trip to Sportsgirl

I recently went on a Holiday to the Gold Coast, the shopping centres they have over there, Oh My God! I have a Sportsgirl shop in my local shopping centre at home but it just felt ten times bigger and better while on the Gold Coast. I have seen a lot of hype about the Sportsgirl lipsticks on Instagram lately and while I am not a lipstick person, I was intrigued. So I wandered into Sportsgirl with a mission to check out their lipsticks.

I did end up picking up a lipstick to take home, which is called the Pout About It! Lip Colour in shade Beauty Queen. It is fairly simple but I am quite intrigued with the packaging of these lipsticks. Sleek black at the top which is is fine but the really interesting part is the glass/plastic bottom in which you can see the colour of the lipstick. I really like this idea as it is quite easy to see what colour you are picking out of your collection (not that I really have that issue as my lip drawer is seriously lacking lipsticks).

This is a lovely pink colour which applies quite sheer on the lips. It does take a couple of swipes to build up the colour, but I wasn't going for something super pigmented which the line does offer in shades such as Pink Ladies or Bombshell. I just wanted a nice wash of colour which stays on my lips for a reasonable 3-4 hours without food or drink

. I quite like the formula, moisturising a little but definitely not drying. I might have to go back sometime and pick up a few more colours as they are a bargain for $9.95 AU and they have some cute colours, I have my eyes on Tropo, Catwalk Queen or Fruit Tingle. 

What is that, another nude palette to add to my collection? Yes you heard me correctly, I have purchased another nude palette, actually I ended up purchasing two on my holiday. They were different colours though and both cheap so I think that is justifiable! I picked up the Sportsgirl Wild at Heart Eye Palette Bronze for $9.95 AU.

This palette is made from cardboard so I know from experience that it will get quite bent and bashed around after a while of use, the eye shadows will hopefully remain in contact however. It contains 6 neutral shadows, 3 light colours and 3 darker colours.

They are decently pigmented, not chalky but not as smooth as butter! You can make quite a few different looks using the one palette and I think for only $9.95 it is quite worth the price.

 Considering the quality and price point of this I would be willing to look at the other palettes they offer as well! Sportsgirl here I come.

Love Liz xx

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