Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Lust Have It! April Beauty Box

Hey Guys

This post is a bit late so I apologise for that, partly my fault as I received this last week but have been too busy with Uni to post this, partly Lust Have It!'s fault for not sending out their boxes early so that we can actually receive them in the correct month. Despite all the drama behind the box this month I was quite impressed with what I have received, that comes down to one product that I was excited to have received, the rest is all a bit boring. On to the box though!

First thing to mention, new packaging! This month the 'boxes' have come in cute custom designed clear makeup bags that read Lustre Beauty on them. I quite like this, the zip on mine gets caught a little bit but it is cute and usable regardless. 

This months box came with 5 products which you can see listed above in the card that comes with the box.

This was the one product I was very excited for, I voted for the inclusion of this on a facebook vote and they must of kept record of who wanted want as other people got different products depending on what they wanted. I haven't actually tried a lip/cheek stain before but I am really excited to try this out! 

There was huge controversy on Lust Have It!'s facebook page regarding this bronzer, the weight we received is 3g net weight but the card reads 10g net weight. I really couldn't care less about the mistake, Lust Have It! have issued a statement and tried to fix their mistakes, the internet can just be very cruel! This bronzer is limited edition, I found out because this version is highly pigmented which makes up for the smaller net weight despite being full size. I am not very excited about bronzer, I received an absolutely massive loose powder one a while ago in a Lust Have It! box and I typically only like using pressed powder bronzers, however I will try this out and maybe it can double as an eyeshadow?

This is a sample size moisturiser for dry skin. Another moisturiser that is not necessarily for my skin type. Not much else to add.

I got one of these Wotnot sample wipe packs from their facebook campaign, this is a new facial wipe that is specifically for oily/sensitive skin which is perfect for me. While I haven't tried the pack I was sent yet, I have tried another wipe from Wotnot before and I know that they feel lovely and luxurious on the skin so I am happy that these were included this month. 

Another moisturiser for dry skin sample included in the same month, not only did we receive a moisturiser sample last month, but two in one month!!! I haven't tried Aveeno and I have been meaning to, but I am a little annoyed they didn't put something else from the range in. 

This will be the last beauty box I will receive from Lust Have It! as I have let my annual subscription run out. I have been receiving the same kind of products over and over, and I am getting more unimpressed with the wait for the boxes, it just seems to be getting longer and longer. I am too poor at the moment to look for another subscription with a different group, but I will do some research and when I am on Uni break I might splurge out with my extra money from more shifts and try another beauty box company. 

Do you have any ideas for other Australian beauty box companies?

Love Liz xx

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