Thursday, May 22, 2014

Contour and Highlight Duo

Hey Guys

Excuse the grubby sticker mark :(

I recently made a new purchase (yes during my spending ban) after seeing so many people rave about this product on Instagram and I just had to have it (follow me @justalittlebitofliz). The lovely Face of Australia Glamazon Contour & Highlight Kit in Leopardess is now all mine. I had read that people were struggling to get this although it is available in both Priceline and Big W. I went to my local Big W and found that it was all stocked up there, I was a very happy girl.

This kit comes in a lovely leopard print sturdy case, inside also contains a very decent sized mirror. However the packaging is a bit on the large and bulky side, but it is so lovely. Inside the case there is two pans, one filled with the contour and the other the highlighter..

The contour is a lovely matte brown shade which is decently pigmented and not at all muddy on my skin. The highlighter shade is buttery soft and contains champagne colored shimmer particles. I mainly bought this for the contour shade, however the highlighter is lovely as well. My only suggestion is for the contour shade to be a bit bigger than the highlighter shade as I am more likely to use that up first. 

This retails for $9.95 AU and I believe this is limited edition, so snap it up quickly if you are interested! There is also a Minx a Blush & Highlighter Kit available so look out for that as well. 

Love Liz xx

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