Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Sunday Night Masque

Hey Lovlies

I thought it was about time I reviewed some of my current skincare bits and I felt I should start it off with something I have been using weekly for a few months now. The Aesop Parsely Seed Clarifying Masque (masque, oh so fancy face mask). I was given this by my lovely partner as part of a massive beauty/skincare lot, which I may of bought online for him to give me. I grabbed it off adorebeauty for  $39 AU which  is the RRP for this product. 

Aesop is actually an Australian brand and was established in Melbourne in 1987. It is absolutely terrible but I only discovered Aesop after reading about it on a bunch of UK blogs. I really like the fact that this is an Australian brand and I can easily purchase this, a big thing when you live in Australia, particularly Western Australia. 

On to the masque, this is part of the Parsely Seed range which includes a large collection of products, however this is the only item I own from the range. I also own the control gel but am waiting to open it. The description on the packaging of the masque reads:
Perfectly formulated anti-oxidant clarifying masque designed for frequent cleansing. Suited to most skin types, this masque removes impurities and refreshes the skin.
I quite like the packaging of this masque, I feel like it will be easy to get most of the masque out of the tube. It does have a tendency to get dirty, but so do all my other mask tubes. This tube contains 60ml of product and I think that this is huge, despite how small it appears to be. This has lasted me a few months with weekly and sometimes twice a week applications, and I feel like it is not even half used/half full. 

I like to use this masque on a Sunday evening, which is my pamper night. I find that my skin is always left a little brighter and clearer the next morning. If I am having a bad skin week I like to also use this during the middle of the week for a pep me up. I really have been enjoying this masque and I can see the effects of it. It is probably a little more expensive than I would like but considering the price and the great results I will definitely be repurchasing it. I do however use other masks during the week to ensure I don't overuse this one. This is not a hydrating mask so I would not recommend it for dry skinned gals, but if you have problematic skin I think this is the mask for you.

Have you tried anything from Aesop? 

Love Liz xx

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