Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Maybelline New York Express Remover

Hey Guys

Just a really quick review on a product I am absolutely in love with for you today. I have been using this product a few months now and I never thought to do a post about it until my lovely Mum suggested I do. I told her to use the nail polish remover yesterday and the look on her face was priceless, she is now wanting one for herself, and so she should as this is a truly amazing product.

This is a pot that contains a sponge inside that has a circle hole in the middle which stretches to fit your finger in it, I assume that the pot is filed with nail polish remover. You swirl your finger around a few times and once you pull your finger out you can see that it is nail polish free! I absolutely love this, it has made taking nail polish off ten times easier for me. It even smells nicer and not as strong as other nail polish removers, which is great for people like me who have partners who loathe the smell. The only issue with this remover is that you cant use it to take off your glitter polish, particularly large glitter particle polishes. I used mine to take off bar glitter nail polish and now my sponge is a bit cut up inside, nothing too bad but I am sure if I used it a few more times with my glitter nail polish it would all fall apart. It does cost $9.95 AU however you can often find it on sale with other Maybelline makeup, I would happily pay full price for it however which must mean its true love.

Have you tried a nail polish remover like this one?

Love Liz xx 

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  1. I have. �� BYS has one that I've tried and I found it a lot more effective. Takes a lot less time to take polish off. ��



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