Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tips to Brighten Wet Winter Days

Hey Lovelies

I thought today I would share with you what I like to do when the weather is very wet and cold out, like it currently is here in WA. Sometimes when the weather is horrible I don't want to get out of bed, some days it will take me until midday to get out of my bedroom! Unfortunately we can't spend all of Winter hibernating in our bedrooms as there is still Uni and Work to go to, I do sometimes like to do certain things to brighten up my day.

Light a Candle.
I love candles and using a candle will brighten up your house and add a little warmth. Also you can light a candle with a citrus or other summery smell and pretend that it is warm outside.

Wear a Bright Lipstick.
Bright lipsticks are typically kept for summer with berry and nude tones out for the cooler months. Wearing a bright lip can usually make me feel a lot less blue (*from the freezing weather*).

Add a Scarf.
I love scarves, they instantly add to your outfit and also keep you warm! There are so many great designs and patterns out there I could just own all of them, currently I am loving the snood design but  have my eye on a fox design scarf that I have seen in several stores.

Buy/Pick some Flowers.
Flowers always remind me of Summer and they brighten up the house and they will definitely add a spring to your step if they are gifted to you (paying attention there boyfriend?).

I always forget to do this step but you can usually just make a dreary day better by smiling. Make a joke with someone or watch a funny movie, anything that will make you smile!

I hope you have liked my tips to get through some wet weather, what do you like to do?

Love Liz xx

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