Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All About Nude

While I was in Priceline on my holidays I managed to find this palette from Essence Cosmetics which I wanted when I purchased my other Essence items from Target but sadly they only had the candy palette which I have no interest in, nude all the way baby. I have told you of my love for Essence products time and time again, and this palette did not disappoint. It is called the All About Nude eyeshadow palette. It is in plastic clear packaging and contains 6 shimmer eyeshadows with one highlight shade, 2 pink shades, 2 brown shades and a deep plum/cranberry shade. 

The eyeshadows are quite good quality, not chalky at all in my opinion and were quite smooth and easy to blend. I wish there was more brown shades than pink but I guess I have enough neutral brown shades in my collection! The last time is quite good, I don't actually own a primer but I am sure they would have a better lasting time with one. I will have to try using them with my color tattoo as a base and see if they have a longer lasting time. 

This retails for $6.45 AU and does come in another shade which is candies and as I said does not interest me at all, but they are lovely shades just nothing I would wear out! It is only a limited edition so if you like the look of the colours I would definitely recommend you go out now and try to pick it up! 

Love Liz xx

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