Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wishing For #02

Hey Everyone

I am trying to save money for my holiday coming up at the end of next month so my spending has been limited lately (apart from the slip up with Priceline's 40% off sale). As a result of this I have been wishing for a lot of products.. Shame my birthday is not for another couple of months!

So here are the products I have been wishing for lately..

This is a fairly recent release in the UK from Maybelline, I have read a few reviews online about it when it first came out and I quickly emailed Australian Maybelline to find out if it would be making an appearance here, unfortunately they couldn't give me an answer which is fair enough but I have been waiting for it to trickle onto eBay so I can snap it up but no luck yet. I don't really need another foundation but I like to try all the ones I can to try and find the best match for my skin.

After reading about the benefits of using an exfoliating toner from many people (thank you Ms Hirons) I have really been wanting to try this one from Clarins. I can't find it on the Clarins website but I have found it on the adore beauty website for $40.50 AU. I really hate using abrasive exfoliators and much prefer using chemicals such as the Liquid Gold by Alpha H so I think this would be a good exfoliator to add into my routine.

Everyone has been raving about this lip balm and I really want to join the band wagon and try it out. According to the Nuxe website one of these lip balms are sold every 28 seconds in the world. How insane is that!! I have been waiting for a bit more money in my bank account before I snap this up, it retails for $19.95 AU on Adorebeauty.

What have you been wishing for?

Love Liz xx

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