Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hey Guys

This post is a little bit different, I thought I should introduce my newest family member/roommate, Izzy. We got her almost two weeks ago and she is 9 weeks old this week. She is a Russian Blue cross Burmese mix, she is a lovely blue grey colour with dark grey stripes and a white chest and socks. My partner chose the name based on the name of my old dog Isolde who was my family dog growing up, I am touched that he remembered and suggested it (it is very unlike him!). 

I got her for free from a friend whose cat had a large litter, I wish I could of taken two but it is difficult enough having one kitten! She is definitely a handful and needs lots of attention and love. As she is so young she needs to be trained up to be good around people and not to attack or shy away. Myself, my partner and his younger brother spend most of our free time with her, and she sleeps either in our bed or in my partner's brothers bed. 

She is a typical kitten, she spends majority of her time sleeping or playing and then eating every so often. My partner and myself have only ever had dogs before so it is strange having a cat, they aren't as loving all the time as dogs but they are very self sufficient and a fairly easy pet to take care of. 

She is up to date with her worming and vaccinations at this current point in time, I just wanted to mention that so no one thinks I am a bad cat mummy! I don't know a lot about cats but I am learning for Izzy. 

She loves her large soft toy cat that my bestie got for her, she also loves her tunnel that I picked up for $5 at Kmart, and really she loves anything you move in front of her including my hair ties, alfoil, paper. She also loves to hide in the most awkward spots like the under the couch, in the window sill, in any cupboard. 

Do any of you guys own a cat? If so do you have any helpful tips for me? 

Love Liz xx

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